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electric seat

  1. O

    VT Calais electric seat rocks back and forward. Worn bush ???

    I have a 1998 VT Calais. The driver's seat rocks back and forward slightly. This has nothing to do with the track or ratchet mechanism. The problem is with the bushes. The threaded rods go through the electric motors. At the other end, they mount via a plastic bush and pin to the seat frame. As...
  2. hwy747

    VX Calais electric passenger seat into Berlina? Any help would be fantastic?!

    Hi guys First time poster here! I have just installed a set of VX Calais leather electric seats into my VX Berlina, however I now have a problem. Rear seat, fine. Drivers seat, fine. Passenger seat, fail!! I need to connect the passenger seat to the electrics so I can adjust the seat (and also...