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electric window

  1. S

    How to get a stuck down vu ss electric window back up

    So took the Ute out for a spin and I put my window down and now I can’t get it back up. The passenger window is still working fine. When I push the stuck window button down I can hear a clicking noise but when I push the button up I hear nothing. So I have no idea what the deal is with it. I’m...
  2. S

    vz commodore rear electric window

    I have a 2004 vz and the passenger rear electric window doesnt work ,I believe it has come off the slides as i can put it up manually but gradually slides back down, can anyone help with with links of tutorials or advive on how to fix it as i cant afford to take it to someone and have them...
  3. andyroo_

    02 VY Ute Door Trim ? Upgrade to electric windows/window winder pivot.

    Hi guys, been looking at this forum for quiet a while now and only just became a member. my question is i own a standard vy with roll down windows but want to upgrade to electrics with an aftermarket kit, just watched the mighty car mods conversion video on youtube and noticed with the kit...
  4. J

    Convert manual windows to power windows VT Commodore HELP?!

    Okay guys/girls, im intending to start a little project converting my manual windows to electrical windows, ive recently bought 4 new leather door trims but dont fit manual windows its to fit electric windows, so i though why not convert it? i think i will need a motor and regulator for every...
  5. D

    Power Window Conversion in a 98 Executive

    Hey Guys (and possibly girls) I've decided that i'll keep my VT for another two years before i upgrade and one thing that has always bugged the living **** out of me was the manual windows. I have been sifting through the various posts on here about conversion, problems, fixes, and the...
  6. B

    Installing electric windows in a '97 VT

    Hey guys.. Im over having window winders! they suck! im wanting to put electric windows in and have a general idea of how to do it.. ive read a few posts on here and seen that it makes it easier if you have a plug in your console, i take apart my dash quite aot and when i do i see a plug with...
  7. A

    Front electric windows squeak at top when winding up

    I've looked through countless threads on this forum for this issue and have not come across any solutions. Both of my front windows squeak/screech when going up and down at the very top of their wind sequence. They are electric windows. This is NOT the rattling issue others have...
  8. D

    [VIC] WTB Vx Window Reg's - Door Looms

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: All 4 Electric Window Regulators And door Looms for a Vx Series 2 LOCATION: Victoria - Western Suburbs CONDITION: Doesn't Bother DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will Pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash $$ CONTACT DETAILS: TXT 0405333061 OTHER...
  9. X

    Bench Seat Electric Windows

    G'day guys, i just got my first car, a 94 VR Ute, no bells and whistles, one of the first things i want to do to it is make it full electrics, or as close as i can get (cruise control, windows, mirrors etc) but with a bench seat where can i put the window controllers with no center console...
  10. M

    Power Windows Problem

    Hi all, i have just installed power windows to my vr sedan and all windows are working besides the drivers door. Its not the motor or the switch i tested that. I plugged a couple of standard relays under the dash and the drivers window goes down but not up... all other windows work...
  11. S2_VR_

    [NSW] 4x Electric Window Motor's Suit VR/VS maybe VN/VP??

    I have FL, FR, RL, RR, Electric window motor's for sale. $300ono for all 4 (actually make me an offer). Motor's only NO Door Loom's. Will Deliver To Nerang and sorrounding area's of up to 50km for $30. (or ask and i'll give you a quote, might be cheaper.) Make me an offer though you...