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electrical fault

  1. Ashy2

    Vz commodore wiring colors help

    Hey guys, I’ve just bought a Vz, and after putting in a head unit and a sub the battery drains, from trouble shooting with a multimeter I’ve found the control wire for the sub/amp is the cause of the problem. I used an Aerpro wiring harness for the Pioneer AVH-275BT headunit, and ran the...
  2. V

    Idle knock. Thermo fan relay issue

    Need some expert advice got a 2000 vt V6 series 2 with an engine knock have done some work leads, plugs, coils, compression test, spark test, stuck a multimeter on it, throttle body cleaned, changed oil pressure sensor, radiator plus hoses, new oil (Penrite 10w40) oil air and fuel filter...
  3. tennuteproject

    VE No power to starter from ignition

    Hi, Have a 2010 VE SV6 So the ignition wont crank the engine, it does accessories and lights but on the final click in wont crank. Stripped the wire running from the ignition to the starter (thick purple wire) and checked to see if there was connection, and there was no power running through...
  4. DanNZ1

    HVAC Blower Motor Fuse Blowing

    Hey team, For a while now the manual heater/air conditioning in my 2006 Holden Commodore SV6 hasn’t been working. I finally took it to an auto electrician yesterday to determine the issue. He replaced the FL9 HVAC Blower Motor (40A) fuse twice and it blew both times that he turned the AC on...
  5. R

    Electrical Gremlins after reinstalling motor - VX2 SS commodore

    Hi everyone, I need some advice. Last night I got my vx started back up for the first time after rebuilding the engine. I am now experiencing some issues today that I cannot seem to get my head around. Here are the symptoms when I turn the car on: Trac Off, Check Engine Light, oil light...
  6. B

    HELP! no spark

    Hey guys just woundering if anyone can help me out. I have a Buick out of a vr that's been put into a 83 triton, i have power to the coils but don't seem to have any spark, changed the crake angle senser, harmonic balancer and coils any ideas? Thank you in advance
  7. L

    Holden Barina Swing (1999) indicator problems

    Hi there, I hope it's ok to post a question about a lowly Barina...but any help would be greatly appreciated. My Barina has working hazard lights, but the left/right indicators do not work. I have checked the indicator relay, which is working fine. I'm therefore wondering whether the fault is...
  8. K

    Auto headlight issue

    So a random problem has developed with my VZ. No auto or mechanical changes but after driving one day I noticed that my headlights will only work when they are set to auto. If i switch back to parkers or driving lights then I have no lights. Annoyingly, when the keys aren't turned to...
  9. R

    Air compressor clutch not kicking in

    Hi guys, I've been at this problem for a while now and not much people seem to know what's happening to this VY. Simple symptom is, the clutch in the AC compressor isn't kicking in. And the compressor was not getting any power supply to it. I've tested the relay by bridging the supply...
  10. C

    Vt Electrical issues. Help needed.

    Hey everyone. I'll admit to not being too ontop of electrical maintenance of my VT wagon, though I do have an electrical issue or two, which I need fixed for RWC, and my own peace of mind. 1) I have replaced the clock-spring and horn, but there is no response from horn buttons on the...
  11. M

    weird dash problem

    his guys, hoping some of you might be able to help me track down the source of my problems with my VT's dash. first some back ground; replaced whole engine 2 months ago, total recon. every thing else is origional, aside from the stereo :D v6 automatic, 350km on car 15km on new block and...
  12. Holden vz

    Car Wont Start

    hey guys today i was re wiring my fog lights so i removed the battery out of my car (placed it beside a flat battery on a piece of wood) for about an hour, i also cleaned up some speaker wire near the cars computer (never touched the computer) then i put the battery in everything electrical...
  13. V

    VS stalled while driving. Won't start. No spark

    Hi, I have a 1995 VS Commodore sedan executive V6 Auto. Never had and real issues with the car since it was purchased in 1999. Crank angle sensor replaced 10 years ago(common fault-would not start when hot but would never stop while running). Couple of new radiators and a couple of new...
  14. V

    need info on Vl V8 ignition fuse blows under acceleration

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what my gremlin might be on my Vl 5.0L. Every time I accelerate in my car it blows out the ignition fuse and after having it off the road for a month waiting for a rebuilt Quady i finally get it going it idled away for...
  15. G

    VR Fuel and Ignition Problems

    Hi folks, I've had the fuel pump in my VR replaced about 5 months ago, and recently had my tank replaced (as the patch that was on it (there when I got the car) was leaking through a crack, and hemoraging fuel). Friday night, I picked my wife up from work; and the car sat (off) at home for...