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electrical problems

  1. S

    Monaro Electric Seat slides back on it's own....

    Hi guys, Wondering if some wise heads can help. I've search the forums and no one seems to have had the problem I'm having.... Drivers electric seat in my '04 CV8 Monaro decides to move itself and slide all the way back until it stops. No other adjustment happens (height/tilt etc), she just...
  2. jayderichards

    VE Buzzing Noise from power socket

    heya guys, I have a mate who has a VE commodore lumina who is experiencing an issue when she plugs a dvd player into the power socket. It starts to buzz through the speakers, and even is in the earphones when they are used. When she accelerates, it does get louder. Anyone heard or have...
  3. L

    Can It Still Be The Actulator On My VZ SV6

    :help: Can It Still Be The Actulator On My VZ SV6 :help: the passanger door lock will work when sitting in the car with all doors shut and pressing the nob down manualy, all doors will lock and unlock with no problems :unsure:BUT when pressing the button on the remote the alarm go's off and...
  4. V

    need info on Vl V8 ignition fuse blows under acceleration

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what my gremlin might be on my Vl 5.0L. Every time I accelerate in my car it blows out the ignition fuse and after having it off the road for a month waiting for a rebuilt Quady i finally get it going it idled away for...
  5. sIIVY_tommy

    VY parker bulbs and and attachments (headlights)

    g'day all, just a general question (cant find in search) i bought a pair of black vy SS headlamps and being a vy with the teardrop parker they didnt send me the long black plastic attachment for the bulbs, i cant use the oringinals because they snaped when i had a bing, i can post a pic if im...
  6. T

    VE SSV power mirrors not working!

    hey there first time post for new member here, i have a VE SSV which i bought second hand with 50,000k's on it and it has now done 75,000. the mirrors worked fine for quite a while but all of a sudden just stopped working. i have obviously checked the fuse but not knowing the VE...
  7. I

    VP wagon electrical problems

    It's a 3.8 auto. As soon as I drive it for more than say 15 mins and turn it off it won't start again just makes a "click" noise. I'm guessing this is starter motor related so I purchased a second hand part from a local wreckers which I haven't had fitted yet. At the old mans suggestion I...
  8. P

    Fried instrument cluster

    Hi all, My son (a first year electronics apprentice) thought it would a fantastic surprise to mod my instrument cluster (colored led's) while i was away at work.... he bought a kit off ebay and proceeded to pull my pride and joy apart. Problem is, when he had finished installing all the new...
  9. T

    Multiple problems with my 92 vp wagon

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums and I thought I'd ask around here to see if I can get help with some of the many problems I am having with my car at the moment. Recently, the battery/alternator light has come on and stayed on and I have had two batteries now completely drained, so I'm pretty...