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  1. G

    Car's playing up. All electrics lost.

    Hey guys. For some reason my VY (Berlina V6) has got a tummy ache of some sorts. The car was running and driving fine, everything was working like normal. Out of nowhere, I get a 'Check alternator' alert and then lose all of my electrics. Dash lights, cluster, head unit, headlights (both low...
  2. B

    Alternator? Lost all steering and electrics doing their own thing.

    Absolutely no idea about cars!! For the past couple of weeks my car has been having issues starting every now and again. 3 days ago, if I didn't start my car as soon as I unlocked it, the battery would die and I would have to jump start it. Yesterday, I had a new battery installed. Today, I...
  3. Endlesssleettwo

    Loss of power in VP commodore

    Hey y'all I was wondering what could be the problem with my vp commodore I have lost all power to my indocators (hazards aswell) power windows in the front and interor light have replaced the fuses and still nothing but have power to tape player and lighter socket anything can help please n...
  4. A

    Car Install Problems... Help...

    Hey guys, I have just had my car system installed (4 door speakers, amp and sub) in my LPG VE commodore but now there seems to be a few problems. They told me about the first problem when I rocked up that being as they said the car makes 5 horn noises when locked. After further investigation I...
  5. dashdown98

    VP Commodore Relays?

    Hi guys, just need some info on the relay box under the hood of my VP V6. The dodgy old bloke who had it before me decided to absolutely annihilate all the electrics. Pretty much nothing worked when I got it but things are slowly starting to fire up. I went to pick up a new bumper and the bloke...
  6. R

    Fitting Led Light Bar to VF

    On the VF there is a slot in the front bar above the number plate. Would it be possible to remove some of the fins and fit a light bar in that space? Is it a good or bad idea? (Re fixing point cooling etc).

    Check Engine comes on and off intermittently

    I have a 2003 VY SS ute. The "Check Engine" warning comes on sometimes. The car seems to drive fine and has done for a week. Does this just mean the warning parameter is JUST tripping? Thankyou
  8. D

    VR Calais... problem??

    Ok so to outline th problem I have, I have a 94 VR Calais, My Climate Control will only turn on when it wants to, as will the cruise control, but the cruise wont engage now when the light is on, altho it used to, my central locking is the same, only works when it wants to, but the button on the...
  9. P

    VT COMMODORE DASH NOT WORKING - Electrics drained when accelerated in gear

    Hey all, Just put a new motor in my VT Series 1 exec v6 commodore. Nothing on dash / speedo works at all. (other then lights) Car starts fine and revs fine in Park and N, But when i put it in gear and accelerate it's like it's draining power from the electrics. As in when i...
  10. V

    VS Dash Into VP

    Hi, My VP Senator numbers are starting to go blank, I've purchased a VS Calais dash but I understand that it's not an exact swap. What do I need to do to fit vs dash into VP ? There's also a VN Calais dash for sale, is this an easier fit? Thanks,
  11. D

    Best workshop manual for electrical diagrams?

    Hi All, Was wondering if any of you could recommend a workshop manual with good circuit diagrams. I have a VS SII that I am busy bringing back to life. The new motor is an L67. I gotta wait till I have some more money for a decent exhaust system and a few other upgrades but the basics...
  12. C

    Anybody know what this plug is for?

    Hi Guys My VZ exec sedan has a 2 pin plug in the boot just under the RHS hinge with a light duty brown/white wire and a heavy duty orange/white wire, I'm looking to wire up a small fridge in the boot and would really like to utilise the wires if they're not used for anything else, the brown...
  13. brinz96VS

    VS climate control

    Hi. The climate control unit in my VS Calais has been playing up scince owning the car. Ive read around and cant seem to diagnose why the unit wont physically switch on. Its an intermittent problem because it does operate, and when it deos its fine but then just dies again after 10minutes at...
  14. M

    Battery - low charge?

    Hello, I have some issues with the electrics in my '94 Calais. At what seems like random times while driving the battery warning light will come on, closely followed by the ABS warning light. If it happens when the headlights are on then they will go brighter, and once when the wipers were...