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  1. D

    VZ electronics are dead but battery is working

    Hello fellow commie. I have an 04 vz. Had a problem with the electronics. So, at first was preparing to drive to work and as soon I started my car and hit the transmission to drive and the accelerator. I lost all my electronics such as the dash, headlights and my brake system is still locked...
  2. Eath4306

    Calais door mirrors not working

    Ever since I bought the car the electronics in the mirrors haven't worked. The bloke who sold it to be said it was a fuse but I've had a look at the fuse box and the fuse was fine. Anyone else had any problems with them?
  3. tHe_sTiG

    How to disable the sensors

    Is it possible to disable all the electronic sensors in my VZ? They're very frustrating, forcing me to take the car to Holden for very minor things, like loose wires.
  4. G

    Electric Folding Mirrors

    Hi all, I am looking for Electric folding mirrors for my SSV-VE. I live in Japan, and there are many narrow streets, and parking spaces are extremely narrow. All Japanese vehicles have electric folding mirrors for this reason, and so do all the European imports. Does anyone know of electric...
  5. B

    Remote Control Hard Lid

    Hi has anyone heard of or seen a Holen Utility Hardlid that can be lifter via a remote control on your keychain that allows you to open/close and lock your hard lid. Feed back to hear if one has been created and who does them would be good and would make life so much easier. Thanks