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  1. F

    Cabin Fumes

    Since I bought my 2016 Black Edition SV6 two months ago I get headaches after driving. Although I cant smell them I believe there are fumes entering the cabin. Had it checked out at a Holden dealer but they couldnt find anything wrong. I also have a VE and VY Commodore and dont have any problems...
  2. some_evil

    Emissions Light - Captiva 2013 Series II Diesel

    Hey all, I have the Holden Captiva Series II Diesel and over the past month i have had the DPF emissions light turn on (seemingly random) and beep, the light will stay on for anywhere between 10min - 2hr. Every 15 min or so the beeps will repeat, but the light stays solid. After a seemingly...
  3. GetToDaChopa

    Holden VH 202 Blue Emissions Setup Guide TVS stuff

    This is for a VH 202 6 Cyl Blue Engine with auto transmission, but maybe useful for other models too. When i was setting mine up i realy had a hard time finding an engine with a proper setup and finding a diagram online was difficult. So why spend time looking when i've already done it. here is...