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engine codes

  1. C

    Vy rough idle

    Hey guys, I’ve recently bought a vy v6 ecojet and have put a supposedly stroked out engine in it, put a new alternator on, new leads, hoses, full service on engine ect ect. It was running a dream apart from an engine code that comes up, my mechanic friend hooked it upto a (correct me if I’m...
  2. L

    holden commodore vf 2013- misfiring & engine code P0300

    hi all, I have a holden commodore vf 2013 that has done 117000kms. Recently, the engine has had multiple misfires and the engine code P0300 appears on the scanner. I changed the spark plugs and ignition coils but the code still appears and the engine shakes. any ideas on how to fix this issue...
  3. D

    how to read error codes

    hi, alright so I've tried several times to check my vt for errors, ive read on here that its possible; i use a paper clip and i bridge pins 5 n 6 under the dash then turn car to on and i'm suppose to count the light flashes. but this dosnt work, all that happens when i do this is i blow my...