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engine mounts

  1. S

    Erratic vibration at idle, VE SV6 - engine mounts?

    2012 VE SV6 Sportswagon with 101,000km. It has a vibration at idle that wasn't present ~30,000km ago - it has been slowly getting worse over that mileage (probably 2 years). No RPM change is visible on the tachometer when it happens... it just feels like the car shakes occasionally - every few...
  2. Jack Shalavin

    Help - need service advice

    I'm the new (second-hand) owner of a Manual VX Commodore S Series II and also a new member of this forum. I have recently gotten it serviced and checked at Kmart Tyre and Auto Service and they have revealed some issues. Firstly the caster rod bushes need to be replaced which they are quoting me...
  3. T

    Engine Mounts..

    So after my recent service a few weeks ago Holden has told me that my engine mounts are weak and need replacing, I've asked for a price to replace and have been told $690.. Do you guys think this is too much or a normal price? Cheers 2006 V6 Thunder S Ute
  4. P

    SIDI engine mounts

    I've got a 2010 3.0 SIDI with 115kms. I've noticed the past few weeks the motor seems more "vibey". More noticeably when it's cold and after the motor settles down after the first 30 seconds or so when it idles a higher. Now it's not really bad or anything and still pretty smooth and that...
  5. LostPup

    to anyone who knows about what happens when VR Engine mounts go.

    i'm almost at the ropes end with this car, i know the engine mounts the right hand is stuffed the left is on it's way out they're both sagged. someone mentioned to me when i was trying to figure out what the sound i was hearing coming from the engine/gearbox when the car idled. mentioned that...
  6. J

    New engine mounts and transmission mount

    Hi all I had some new engine mounts and transmission mount installed on my 2002 VU ute last week. Aftermarket ones from here: 2 Engine Mount Commodore V6 Ute VG VP VR VS VT VU VY Holden Front Rubber Pair - Top Quality Non Genuine Aftermarket Rear Gearbox Mount VP VR VS VT VX V6 Commodore...
  7. S

    ENGINE MOUNTS (Once again)

    Anybody know what to do here, i have the drivers side mount in all nuts on about two threads, I have the passenger side bolted into the bracket with the bracket bolted to the engine loosely, Now i just cant get that bloody side to line up. Ideas, anyone?
  8. V

    VX vibrations from rear

    Hi guys I just moved to Australia, and buying a Commodore seemed like the only way to get the full Aussie experience out of the 6 months I'm here! But there are troubles in paradise, and since I don't know any mechanic I can trust on this continent, I hope that you can help me out:) So, I...
  9. K

    Engine Mounts for WH Caprice

    I have a WH Caprice (V8) and need to change the engine mounts. Is it worthwhile to pay the extra and get the genuine mounts which I think are hydraulic or will after-market rubber ones be just as good? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Kerry
  10. B

    [General] Changing Engine mounts ECOTEC V6 (THE EASY WAY)

    G'day Guys hows it going? So iv just done changed my engine mounts today, as mine were kinda shitty as you can see: But after reading all the write ups posted on here, i was HORRIFIED.... things like; degass air con, remove a/c compressor, remove P/S pump, remove Radiator hoses & catch...
  11. C

    Work Needing Doing

    Hiya guys, Bit of an amateur with my new-secondhand 2002 vy. I just took it in for a 150k service, and was given a list of things which needed repair, or at least to the mechanic. What i would like is an opinion on the price or the ease which they can be fixed at home, by me with minimal...
  12. 1

    New VX Commodore parts required

    I need to replace the front shocks, engine mounts and the power steering rack on my VX Acclaim and am wondering where would be the best place to buy good quality Commodore parts. Is there anyone out there who just specialises in Commodore parts.
  13. J

    vx engine in vs

    hey, ive looked everywhere and havnt been able to find an answer to this specific question. Does anyone know if a vx ecotec engine and vs auto gearbox will fit into a 95 vs commodore perfectly, without having to change around engine mounts and such, will it just fit into the old engines place...