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engine noise

  1. M

    Strange engine noise

    Hey guys, need some help on a diagnosis. My 2005 wagon has been making a unusual noise lately. It started a few weeks ago when I done a coolant flush which resulted in a split hose and over heated twice a few weeks apart. So pretty much since the over heating it's been making a deep "burrrr"...
  2. S

    [QLD] ADVENTRA 2005 CX6 Vz Engine Noise HELP PLEASE!

    Hey Guys, I have the above model Adventra with approx 150,000km on the clock. Along with the last service the fan, air con belts, etc were all replaced by a mobile registered mechanic that I had used on a couple of previous occasions. Next morning on starting, it made a noise very similar to a...
  3. J

    Lifter noise (Ticking) SSZ 12

    I have just recently purchased a near new SS Z series UTE May 2012 2000km on the clock. A day after I picked it up I noticed a ticking noise from the engine. Sounded to me like lifter tapping noise like my old VH used to make. First i thought is was just doing it when it was cold but I noticed...
  4. B

    Engine Noise with New VY SV8

    Hi All, Not sure if this is covered on here yet... Bought a 2003 VY SV8 recently and not sure what exhaust it has on (definately not standard but fairly quiet). I just recorded sound of exhaust which doesnt sound to bad but seems to be lost in the engine noise (like a big vacuum cleaner). Is...
  5. M

    vt v6 lifter noise

    hi there, my vt v6 exec just recently sezied a motor, changed motor for a less milage secon hand motor, however there is a ticking noise as soon as i start it when its cold, it lasts about 5 mins till it starts to warm up, i believe it is a lifter because thats a common problem with the...
  6. D

    engine noise, vx v6

    I recently bought a 2.5 lukey catback and before that my car was stock and sounded like a grandma. So now ive got that, my exhaust sounds great but one problem, my engine still sounds like sh*t. Especially when i start hitting high revs the engine noise drowns out my exhaust! So a few...
  7. nalchlan

    squeeking VS ecotec roller rockers

    hey guys i got mace's 1.98 ratio roller rockers for my car and put them in and had no trouble, it started and ran fine. but about 3ks down the road slowing down in 3rd i heard a squeeking sound. the noise stopped when i let it idle for a while but after i drove it 500 metres down the road...
  8. VjamesY

    Weird noise coming from front of engine, Video included. Please help...

    Hey guys, just looking for some quick assistance from the more mechanically minded here on jc. I was driving home today from the Blue Mountain in my vy (around 50 min drive) when half way home idling at the lights, I noticed this screeching sound coming from the front of my car. Its...
  9. $

    Nasty rattling sound in my VR's V6

    I recently got my old VR back that I sold to a mate about 6 years ago and to say the least it has been very neglected....The fresh paint job I put on it has all faded, the engine runs like poo because it doesn't look like it's had many servicings since he's had it... :( Anyway, I'm in the...
  10. F

    VN Series2/VP V6 Grinding Noise

    I have a VN Series2 V6 fitted in a Hilux 2wd with a 5speed Toyota box behind it. I bought the enine 2nd hand with 165,000k's on it. There is a grinding/ whirring sound coming from the engine. I have elimnated the box as the cause and also taken the belt off the front of the motor to eliminate...