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engine number

  1. B

    Holden and HSV Gen IV Engine Number Prefixes

    I've been compiling this list for quite some time, hopefully it will help identify these engines when offered as replacement or conversion units in the future. Please note that this list is a work in progress and while all care has been taken, being based mainly on information found across the...
  2. C

    Can someone identify this engine number.

    Hey. I have a hilux project car that has a holden 3800 v6 in it, Wondering if anyone can tell me what model/series the engine is out of? the engine number is vh116468 thanks -corey
  3. N

    VN engine numbers

    G'day all I have a vn 5ltr wagon that I'm having trouble finding info on. The guy I bought it off told me it was factory 5ltr, the vin seems to confirm this last digits of the vin ULL4382** then engine number written in the owners handbook matches that but after a closer look at the rego papers...
  4. moff_man

    engine number's

    me again..... i need some infomation about these vr motors.. i need to know when they started the s2 block with the roller rockers or what ever they did. i have the following vh1458217 but this is a 2nd month 95 build car and i assume they started the s2 in 94 some time. can anyone...