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engine oil consumption

  1. S

    Do the VF SV6 has oil consumption problem?

    Gday mates, I am planning to purchase a used 2015 VF sv6, just concerning about the engine oil consumption cause I found lots of people complaining that their VE/VE2 SV6 eat oil very very badly, and Holden just keep telling them using 3L within the service interval is normal and refuse to do...
  2. K

    Checking Disptick Oil level

    Hi all , Hope everyone is fine, I have a question about my car ( Holden Caprice V8 6.0 2008 ) same as holden ve commodore 6.0 , I recently changed the engine oil (about a month ago ) After 2000 kms these are the results of my engine ! before ( see pic )...
  3. C

    SIDI SV6 SERIES I - excessive engine oil consumption

    Hi guys, I purchased a new SIDI SV6 MY10 commodore series I from a Holden dealership at the end of last year. I decided to change the engine oil at around 8000kms(before the recommended 15,000kms), when I took it to my mechanic he couldn't get a reading as the Dip-stick indicated NO oil...