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engine oil

  1. 3onTree

    Engine Oil Cooler - Is more oil needed?

    i have been running a Harrop engine oil cooler for a few years now and all is well (car sees a bit motorsport duties). With the installation of the additional curcuit, the oil system is theoretically now a higher overall volume (the oil in the oil cooler circuit lines plus the heat exchanger)...
  2. B

    engine oil advice

    new engine for my VE V6 has around 200k on the clock, just wondering about oil recommendations. i’m tossing up between the recommended 5w30 and a higher quality 20w50. have been getting different advice from every mechanic and shop owner in town, so only replies from people with a fair bit of...
  3. MR VXS2

    Synthetic oil not fully synthetic?

    An interesting read to say the least. I wonder which oils use what base group? Have a read... What about synthetic motor oils? Do they need Viscosity Additives? Group IV (4) and Group V (5) base oil (synthetics) are chemically made from uniform molecules with no paraffin and generally don't...
  4. B

    Magnatec 10W-40 vs Edge FST 10W-60... with real data

    Hi all, little bit of background info to start; So I recently bought a used 2007 VE Calais V in Evoke with black leather along with the L98/6L80E/2.92 Non-LSD driveline combination. Love the car and is in great condition with 118,oookm [now 13o,oookm]. Was 1 private owner from new with full...
  5. H

    engine oil for more than 160 000 km

    Dears , what engine oil do you recommend for a commodore ve ss 2007 , 6.0L V8 please note that the engine done more than 160 000 km i'm currently using ACDelco 5W30 but i hear a noise like the valves ticking noise coming from the engine when the engine is still cold !
  6. K

    Checking Disptick Oil level

    Hi all , Hope everyone is fine, I have a question about my car ( Holden Caprice V8 6.0 2008 ) same as holden ve commodore 6.0 , I recently changed the engine oil (about a month ago ) After 2000 kms these are the results of my engine ! before ( see pic )...
  7. H

    commodore ve ss 2007 engine oil

    Hi dears , what's the best engine oil from 2007 commodore ve ss and what's the mileage ?
  8. U

    How to change engine oil and oil filter on a Holden Rodeo V6

    For The Rodeo Fans In this video see How to change engine oil and oil filter, the process is a simple one and can give your vehicles engine a longer life span if done frequently, in this video I will be changing the oil and oil filter on a Holden rodeo 2006 model v6 petrol engine Hope This...
  9. Scheme

    Penrite; is it the go?

    Got a VN With reco engine with about 200,000 - 250,000 K on the clock. About to do a service and change a few other things under the hood. I've scoured through the forums and find about an equal amount of arguments FOR and AGAINST using what I have summed up possibly the best cost price and...
  10. BakeTheTank

    Broad but, Best engine oil for a V6?

    Hey guys, I have a Series II S VY and was just wondering on what your opinions and recomendations on engine oil to use. I'm coming up to my 100000kms service and the previous owner of my car ran Royal Purple 20W50 but i personally think I can probably find some better stuff to put...
  11. BadJesse

    Car might be dodgy

    So after posting my 'Oil Leaking' Thread and receiving some amazing answers to my questions, i went down to the garage to go inspect the oil leak with my new knowledge. So its leaking from the oil filter, no problem twisted as hard as i could and hopefully that will be the end of it, besides...