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engine problem

  1. S

    Engine Whine

    Need help. Recently been hearing a whining noise coming from the car. Only happens when the car is coasting/idling, and sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Noise stops when under power, and starts back up after coming off the accelerator. Also seems to stop when the cooloing fans turn on. Had a quick...
  2. K

    Holden VE Sv6 Engine???

    Hi there guys, lately I'm having some problems with my manual ve sv6 ute few weeks ago car started to smell weird and i've denied it beause i was quite busy today i took it to my mechanic, told me it has a leak on its head apprently my engine is on its way as well as water pump chain radiator...
  3. J

    Vr auto shuddering and stalling

    Hi all I've had my vr for about 5 months now and last week started acting up. When slowing down to stop it will dop revs and then go back up then drop down again and occasionally it stalls and is hard to start back up. Any ideas what this could be? Any help would be much appreciated :)