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engine problems

  1. B

    What is this and why would it keep needing replacing

    Hey guys I have a 95 statesman 5L Auto and the box in the photo is apparently the reason the car won’t run. They guy I got it off said that he has had it replaced multiple times and it keeps burning out and I personally thought “well something else is doing it other wise replacing the faulty...
  2. Vonix

    Vz Missfire

    Hey guys, my vz is miss firing fairly bad, espicially @1900rpm, in 5th gear. The idle isnt rough, occasional surge when air cons on, obd2 picked up no codes, the misfire usually happens at 1900rpm with some throttle. Any ideas?
  3. JQ417

    2012 SSV Z series Common Problems

    Hi everyone, just wonder if anyone here know any common issues/problems relate to 2012 Holden Commodore SSV Z series 6-speead Auto (with AFM technology). Because Im planning to purchase a second hand one with 90000kms on the odometer from its first owner in Queensland. Any advice/ recommendation...
  4. C

    Engine problems

    Hi, have a 99 v6 Berlina. Having engine problems and no mechanic has a clue. Replaced the big end bearings and the lifters came loose so got them replaced after a little while. Before the lifters were done we were having power issues (no grunt) and shuddering at idle or low speeds. Was told it...
  5. V

    Riddle me this! 1993 VP series II 3.8L Calais won't start.

    Battery is fine. Plenty of fuel. Tryed to get it running last night (Jump starting, then called RACV - load of good that did) would not start no matter what. Woke up this morning jumped in the car and it started straight away, drove home, parked in driveway, turned off. Tried to turn...
  6. M

    HELPPP guys..its a VE COMMODORE

    hi guys , I recently bought a VE..its a storm affected vehicle (WA) the first couple of times i started the engine...it coughs nd spits and tels me CHECK ENGINE AND POWER REDUCED MODE so i took the air filter unit and the metal thing on top of the engine off...cleaned it coz it had water in...
  7. D

    VS - Puff of smoke from the engine?

    Hey, Long time lurker here; whenever I google search anything about commodores, I always seem to get led to this forum, so its about time I signed up! :) I've been having a slight problem with my 3.8 VS... About 2 months ago, I went to start her up; she struggled, then I heard a 'pop'...
  8. owen18

    Revs dropping and Engine Shaking

    Hey guys Just recently i have noticed my VL will drop in revs to about 500 (not sure if thats normal or not) and the engine shakes a lil bit. I can also hear what i think is the revs dropping in and out through the exhaust, but the rev meter stays on 500 revs. Anyone have any idea. I...