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engine swaps

  1. P

    Body off vs engine gearbox lift

    Hi guys,just about to start my first v8efi into 6 conversation, question is do. Lift the body or lift motor and gearbox, imagining the angle to pull out and put in may be steep and a little dodge on my 1.5 tonne crane, vs the angle of the car!, Donor is vq complete car into VH sle 6cyl, thanks...
  2. J

    can i put a vr v6 into a vn s2 both auto?

    I have a vn commodore auto sedan v6 series 2 with a blown motor and i have a vr v6 available. Can i bolt the vr motor to the vn box and also will the wiring be the same? Has anyone done this? I have heard all different opinions on this by my mates.
  3. nugatory

    Power Steering Noise Question

    Bad Mechanic Experience & Power Steering Noise First some deep insight: Ok I've had my car for just over 3 years now, and because my car is lowered I hit a driveway / combo gutter head on and it broke my sump dropping all my oil. I stopped driving it at this point.... The car sat around...
  4. N

    Holden VRII Commodore. Would a VP or a VS engine fit into it?

    Hey all, first post. Heres the story: Last Wednesday, I bought a '95 VRII Executive for $1500 (although the seller gave me $50 back for petrol so thats $1450...Should mention he did have it listed for $1800). I'm only on my L's so my mates girlfriend drove it for me while my mate was behind us...
  5. J

    vx engine in vs

    hey, ive looked everywhere and havnt been able to find an answer to this specific question. Does anyone know if a vx ecotec engine and vs auto gearbox will fit into a 95 vs commodore perfectly, without having to change around engine mounts and such, will it just fit into the old engines place...