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  1. C

    VS Engine Light & Error codes

    Hi, My VS Ecotec V6 has 2 codes showing up. They are: DTC 15 - ECT Voltage High DTC 16 - ECT Unstable Does anyone know what this means or what needs to be replaced. Symptoms include engine light turning after 2 minutes of driving, low speed fan kicking within 1 minute of driving, shaking...
  2. Stormoh05


    Hello, my car for the last month or two has started to vibrate or shake when moving. Tonight while driving home it has had a check power train symbol appear. Would anyone know if there is more of an issue than just the power train or how urgently i would need to take it into a mechanic?
  3. K

    Check engine after being tampered with

    Hi guys I have had a crazy ex get under my bonnet and he has done something to my motor, he was there for only a couple minutes and pulled 4 fuses in this time also but after getting my fuses back and driving away the check engine light had come on. What could he have done in a short minute to...
  4. Avarice

    Dead L77 Options

    Engine is kaput in my very clean VE Calais V S2. Not going to get into it too much because what's done is done. Moving forward. I like cars but on a surface level. Enjoy the thrill of driving a nice car as much as anybody but I don't gaf how they work up to a certain point. I could build you a...
  5. C

    Engine Light Low Speed Fan and Throttle Response.

    Hi I have an issue with my 1995 VS Ecotec V6 which will run normal for the first 10 minutes of driving. It will reach a quarter on temp gauge and then the low speed fan kicks in and the engine light turns on. The car then has this strange almost automatic slow acceleration without any throttle...
  6. S

    2012 Omega engine light

    Hey guys I got a new car 2012 omega vê series 2 192k was driving the day after I got it and engine light turned on but didn’t hear nothing just dark orange engine light, any idea or clues on what it is I’m stressing
  7. S

    Holden VY Engine Noise - Mechanic said to not worry about it but what do you think?

    Hi everyone, I am still driving my Holden VY Acclaim Station Wagon from 2003 and it has done me very well. But recently in the last 6-8 months I think, it has started to make this noise while the engine is warm. It is much louder when it is in Drive or Reverse...
  8. lovedores

    VH 1981 Converting From Holden Calais 1989

    Hi all, Looking at transferring engine and running gear from 1989 Calais to a 1981 VH Commodore. Does anyone have information if it’s basically straight forward or lots of dramas with this pending project. Any advise would be appreciated. Cheers Lovedores
  9. S

    Worth replacing sv6 2013 sportwagon engine @360,000km?

    First off I know 360,000kms is a lot, but there's a couple of reasons why I'm considering this and just wanted to know if it was stupid. I just turned 18 and dad bought a new car to get to work (he bought another, newer commodore) so I've inherited the 2013 and all it's problems. Dad bought the...
  10. M

    ecotech ticking

    Hey guys first time posting. so i saw i had a small oil leak from the little thing the oil filter screws onto and after i changed that gasket i changed the oil and filter and gave it a start and its super ticky.
  11. N

    Engine diagram

    Hellooooo, I have a 2009 VE sv6 and am having coolant problems with a ticking purge valve too. I wanna fix it myself but I really need a engine layout or diagram of some sort so I can locate everything I’ll ever need! If anyone has any clue as to where I could find a diagram of the engine...
  12. I

    Help. Need Engine Rebuilt

    So I have a series one manual ve sv6 which had a bad patch job done on the timing chains by the previous owner and now I need to rebuild that bad boy. Anyone got an idea on how much it costs to do and where to do it. I don’t really want to sell the car because it means a lot to me and I really...
  13. WillyTheMLGPro

    L67 Engine help

    Hey all, First post here and its one where I need a bit of help. This post might get fairly long but just to get as many details as I can and I'm not very knowledgeable about engines. Video of the issue: I have a 1998 VS Statesman 50th Anniversary with a stock L67 ecotec in it and in the last...
  14. I

    Where's my engine number on my ve?

    Trying to work out if my engine vin matches my car vin but cant find the number for my motor for ve 1 sv6
  15. M

    Engine wiring harness

    Hi, I need an engine wiring harness for a 2001 VU Ute (3.8 Ltr, auto)They seem hard to find. I have found a VX harness (same engine and gearbox) and I was wondering if I could use this instead. If so is there anything I need to be aware of or change?. I am assuming that it should be ok as the...
  16. C

    MY9.5 SV6 SIDI or alloytec?

    Hey, I am going to buy a VE sv6 of some sort and i am probably going to buy this 9.5 one. I am just confused with what engine it is. Carsales says its an alloytec but the photo of the engine has the same cover as a SIDI and the SV6 badge on the back is further up, just like the SIDI commodores...
  17. A

    Noise from dipstick side of engine after rev

    This recently started happening and I’m kinda not sure what it could be. Only happens after acceleration.
  18. A

    Different engine from stock

    Hey Lads. Just gotta engine on a 2012 Sv6 ve that ISNT the original engine and they briefly told me it was VF (hoping you guys help confirm this). LFX125010051 Just wanted some help identifying this engine (model, what car it comes off, is it safe and suitable to be on this ve). Just so I can...
  19. sarahbraz

    VE GTS and VF R8 comparison?

    How does the VE GTS and the VF R8 compare (mainly engine wise)? Which would you choose and why?
  20. R

    ZB V6 Engine Questions

    Hi all, I have a V6 ZB, bought it second hand with ~47k on the clock ~6 months ago. I'm pretty happy with it in general, but I am confused by a couple of things. First, the auto start/stop feature. My car has the button to disable it, but in the ~6 months I've owned it, I have never once had...
  21. S

    Motor ID?

    I am trying to identify what motor is in my VS acclaim, whether it's a VS ecotec, VX or a VT ecotec motor. The mechanics who changed the motor used my manifold and throttle body but when I change the oil it takes 4.8 litres without reaching the dipstick. This would have been changed in 2016 and...
  22. A

    2007 VE SSV L98 lifter tick

    Hi all, First time poster. For all of you trying to identify the dredded LS lifter tick I think I've got a video for you. It annoyed me that I couldn't find any decent videos of VE commodores with this issue, so thought I'd put one up. The car has 90k km (900km from me). Knock on wood I...
  23. G

    Small issue engine mounts

    Hey everyone,it's my first post here so good to meet you all :) this may be a silly question but I'm wondering if anyone can help me installing nolathane engine mounts in a vz ss. My problem is that the mounts don't have any locating pins so I'm not 100% sure what way they are meant to be...
  24. Benjamien.C

    Need help ASAP

    Hey all, im in need of an oil sump replacement on my series II ecotec vy, Will a vx oil sump fit okay? i’ve been told the vy has a slightly larger/longer oil sump!?
  25. W

    L67 engine number

    Hey guys I just got is what I believe to be a l67 engine but I think it has possibly top swapped but I’m not sure Would anyone please know how to tell what block it is with the engine number cheers I think the engine number is Us740765 Cheers there is a photo attached aswell of the engine number
  26. H

    2006 Holden Commodore omega engine mount removal

    Hi I am just wondering if someone can tell me what’s the easiest and Simplest way To remove and replace the engine mounts on my 2006 Holden Commodore Omega
  27. T

    Engine swap

    Just wondering what would be involved in motor swapping at vz to a vt so a alloytec to a ecotec?? Thanks
  28. J

    Lookin go for some connecting rod bearing advice

    I have a 2009 Holden 6.0l I have recently done the lifters, stock cam head gaskets and head bolts due to a bad lifter, now I am going to change 1 connecting rod as I torqued the cap on the wrong way when I was checking them because I found metal in the oil before I knew it was the lifter, I...
  29. J

    Installing oil catch can (and brand suggestions)

    Hi, just backing up a question I asked a few days ago. For those that have installed their own oil catch can how hard is it (I’m a novice)? Also what’s a decent, durable, but not breaking the bank type of brand and kit could you suggest? For a 2015 VF SS n thanks
  30. J

    NOVICE ASKING FOR GUIDANCE/HELP - Alternative upgrade pathways

    I have a VF series 1 sedan (auto), and am now finally getting a chance to change some things I’ve been dreamin of being lazy to rework and tune it. I know most go OTR , exhaust, cam and then it depends a bit. I was considering if it’d be easier, just as safe, won’t damage my car or (to the l...
  31. J

    Logical car upgrades list?’?

    Hey everyone. I have a 2015 built, VF SS Sedan, stock apart from sound system. What would be a logical upgrade paths for both importance and affordability with thin etc. 1. OTR CAI and Di Fillipo exhaust l 2 Ger a bug CAM j with stall converter and shift kit (it’s an auto) 3.probably Kaaz...
  32. chingazzin1


    This is something i found to be invaluable when working on my vr and vs. Its a text version of snap on's diagnostic troubleshooter for vr vs commodores. It shows you how to correctly use a multimeter to test various circuits, relays and parts. Step by step guide for finding faults and problems...
  33. D

    Oil Leaks SVZ?

    Hi, just checked under the car like I usually do every couple days, had oil stuck on this part under Neath the engine, it was just a drop and got rid of it seems to have gone, just wondering what it might be from?? It was leaking down from this part in picture below
  34. D

    VZ Commodore Ticking Noise

    Hi guys, I just bought a 06' SVZ Commodore a few days ago, it's got 137xxx KMs on it and when I start the engine it starts this very constant nonstop ticking sound maybe 5-10 seconds after engine is on, I'm not mechanically minded at all, I just hope I didn't lose 4 grand on a bomb. Didn't hear...
  35. tennuteproject

    Knocking noise on 2010 Sv6 (with video)

    Hi so don't have any context for how and when it happened because I bought the car not running, managed to turn her over but its making a knocking noise. Any ideas on what this sound could be, i know its a stretch but maybe someones heard something similar. Cheers!
  36. Z


    Hi folks, I need your help. As you can hear in this vid I recorded, there is a squeak when ever I push on the motor with super squeak occurring when putting pressure on the alternator. Furthermore, it squeaks a lot when driving along too. I did originally think it might have been the...
  37. J

    Novice Question - Why the Battery Location in VF SS Commodore

    Hey guys, Foreword - I'm a brand-new novice in the world of cars, but hoping to learn, and to probably begin to modify my VF SS in the coming months (also looking for suggestions on where to start with that - performance and handling, not just lowered with an exhaust haha). So forgive me if my...
  38. M

    VE SS L77 ticking sounds

    Hi guys, Just bought a 2010 VE SSV REDLINE UTE, L77 With 140000km. Has a folder of receipts including 355rwkw dyno sheets. Sold to me as 'needs lifters replaced' and I got it for 11k. Im hoping that's a good price and that's all that's wrong with it. As I have just lost my house, 2 cars and...
  39. Brayden3223

    Coil pack engine loom

    Hey guys so I just changed my thermostat and that’s something I never want to do again, I’ve just reassembled everything and tried to turn the engine over and it won’t go, I forgot to plug in a single cable but I can’t exactly work out where it’s meant to go? I can’t see any plugs near or around it
  40. G

    VY stalling

    VY Berlina V6 automatic Hey guys, the other night I was driving around when my engine stalled out of nowhere. Both my brakes and steering went stiff, RPM and speedo dropped out but still had my electrics (Stereo on, headlights, etc.). And just seconds before it happened I heard a small clunk...