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  1. tennuteproject

    Knocking noise on 2010 Sv6 (with video)

    Hi so don't have any context for how and when it happened because I bought the car not running, managed to turn her over but its making a knocking noise. Any ideas on what this sound could be, i know its a stretch but maybe someones heard something similar. Cheers!
  2. Z


    Hi folks, I need your help. As you can hear in this vid I recorded, there is a squeak when ever I push on the motor with super squeak occurring when putting pressure on the alternator. Furthermore, it squeaks a lot when driving along too. I did originally think it might have been the...
  3. J

    Novice Question - Why the Battery Location in VF SS Commodore

    Hey guys, Foreword - I'm a brand-new novice in the world of cars, but hoping to learn, and to probably begin to modify my VF SS in the coming months (also looking for suggestions on where to start with that - performance and handling, not just lowered with an exhaust haha). So forgive me if my...
  4. M

    VE SS L77 ticking sounds

    Hi guys, Just bought a 2010 VE SSV REDLINE UTE, L77 With 140000km. Has a folder of receipts including 355rwkw dyno sheets. Sold to me as 'needs lifters replaced' and I got it for 11k. Im hoping that's a good price and that's all that's wrong with it. As I have just lost my house, 2 cars and...
  5. Brayden3223

    Coil pack engine loom

    Hey guys so I just changed my thermostat and that’s something I never want to do again, I’ve just reassembled everything and tried to turn the engine over and it won’t go, I forgot to plug in a single cable but I can’t exactly work out where it’s meant to go? I can’t see any plugs near or around it
  6. G

    VY stalling

    VY Berlina V6 automatic Hey guys, the other night I was driving around when my engine stalled out of nowhere. Both my brakes and steering went stiff, RPM and speedo dropped out but still had my electrics (Stereo on, headlights, etc.). And just seconds before it happened I heard a small clunk...
  7. S

    Vu motor

    Ok so what I want to know, I need a new ecotec to go into a vu ute and I'd like to know can I put one out of an older model commodore like a vs or something and whatever I get a motor out of what would need to be done if it comes out of an auto as I have a 5 speed manual, is it just the spigot...
  8. B

    Buying Recommendation.

    G'day people of JustCommodores. I am thinking of purchasing a 2005 VZ Auto Executive Commodore, it is rather cheap and has some nice bodywork done to it. It is priced at $3500 (negotiable), and only has 97,000 kms. I was unable to determine the low price, and when questioned on the issues of...
  9. Filthy Mex

    3.8 VP Motor/Trans Rattle

    Hey guys. Needing some help diagnosing a rattle. So I own series 2 vp exec 3.8 auto and for about 2 weeks there's been this rattle at the back of the motor that started out small but has got real bad recently and I cant quite pick what it is. To top things off last night after work my trans...
  10. W

    2002 WH Statesman Engine Noise - Video Included

    Recently bought the car and have been driving it like a slug, after a week it has started to develop a new engine noise and being a potato when it comes to anything more than basics I think its more appropriate to ask a community that may know what they are talking about. Some other notes: It...
  11. DjHarmes

    VY V6 loom on VX?

    Hey everyone, so I blew my motor in my vx bout a month ago and brought a motor and box out of a Vy with the loom, I was wondering if anyone know if it's straight plug and play or if there's any differences between the 2 , cheers
  12. Rich00

    Vz sv6 won't start by key

    Gday all I have a 05 sv6 auto. It has developed a ongoing problem and has gotten worse and worse gradually. If i try to start the engine all that happens is 'fuel gauge error' and 'service vehicle soon'. The immobilser is not activated and no other lights on dash indicating other issues. It...
  13. N

    Compatibility VE-VF

    Hi, I needed to replace the engine in my VE as the old one carked it! Ringing around, I found that Heaps of people have different ideas on what is right and what works/doesn't work.. I needed an LFX engine and found one for a very reasonable price. Only problem was that it came off a VF (but...
  14. ReaperTBS

    VE Calais V - Custom Exhaust Setup

    Hi! Anybody got any ideas on what kind of exhaust setup I should go with for the Calais? I love the sound it makes already, but i'd really just like a bit more volume, the thing's almost too quiet as it stands :P All stock currently, not even entirely sure of the engine model, but it's the...
  15. S

    Vy 3.8 engine swapped with vu 3.8 won’t start

    hey guys Just helped a mate swap his blown engine out of his vy Ute and put a vu 3.8 in but used the vy ecu and harness and she won’t start there plenty of fuel getting to it there’s spark and it turns over what could be the issue?
  16. mohamedelkady

    Oil leak under the engine!

    Hello, Three days ago I noticed some oil leaks under the car in the morning, I checked engine oil level and -unfortunately- it was 1.5 litre less :(, I added equivelent amount of oil and checked the bottom of the car, it was hard to determine the leak source (The car saffered some leaks year...
  17. J

    Engine Hesitates when i hard accel

    Hey everyone i have a 2004 sv6 vz ute everything seems fine with the engine but when i plant my foot at around 2k rpm it will hesitate until it slowly builds up another 300rpm give or take. i just got the fuel filter replaced as ive been told that might of be the problem but its barely improved...
  18. S

    Vacuum lines

    hi I have a 2003 wk statesman duel fuel. does anybody know how to change the vac line that goes from the boost actuator and goes down to behind the solenoid plug as it is hard to get to. I don't really want to take this to a mechanic just for some rubber hose and get charged like $100 any help...
  19. Damsix420

    VZ V6 Holden Commodore Motors

    Hi all, got a couple things I just wanna check.. Just bought a VZ wagon V6 auto, pretty rough but got a good deal for it. It's done 275,00kms. Not long after it overheated on me while idling at work. Ended up being a water pump, so fixed that my self with a new one. Easy as but it keeps using...
  20. L

    Supercharged LS2 went BOOM

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a walkinshaw supercharged VF SSV redline ute. Really happy with the car however there is some bad news.... Took the car out for a run yesterday and on the way home gave it a bit of a long pull. Next thing I know, smoke spewing out the back (luckily I was close...
  21. Hannah B

    Putting SV6 engine into Equipe Ve series II 2011 ?

    Hey need some help here, basically i know basics about cars but when it comes to engines i have no idea what i'm talking/reading about. Long story short, my Equipe ve series II 2011 has developed an engine knock and i've got a good mechanic who's been trying to find an engine to swap for me and...
  22. B

    VY issue, v6.

    So, few weeks ago brought a 2002 VY. Had issue starting. Replaced coil packs and crank angle sensor. All was well, then it overheated. Changed the thermostat no issues. A few days later, driving over to the other side of city, and the car shuts off. Battery light flashes, check engine message...
  23. E

    Engine restoration

    I was wondering if anyone knew about engine restoration on a 2003 Commodore V6? The car itself is in fantastic condition but the engine just died. I'm wondering if it's worth selling off for parts or if someone knew about engine restoration? Thank you in advance! (Brisbane based)
  24. A

    Engine wont start

    Hi have a 07vz the motor died in. Got an 05vz engine, put it in canks over and sometimes almost starts but wont start. Would love some advise don't know what to do with it
  25. E

    VY rattles (and breaks down) when running on unleaded, but not on LPG

    Hey all, First post here. Not car savvy but I've driven Commodores my entire life. This is my third car, and the first time I've run into issues. I bought it for $800 and it runs on petrol and gas. When I first bought the car, it was overheating. I didn't realise at the time, so I took it for...
  26. snuglez

    Engine light

    Did a stand still for 5 seconds in my ve sv6 manual ute and my check engine light has come on , should i be worried ?
  27. darrenvp23

    ln3 into a vp executive?

    hi I recently bought an second motor for my vp, after paying $50 I realized its an ln3 not an l27 I know they are different and I know the l27 is supposed to be better but is it possible to just "throw" the ln3 in or will I need to change ecu's wiring ect.?
  28. A

    2000 VT Problems???

    Hi guys was driving my 2000 VT and all of a sudden all the warning lights came up on the dash, and lost all acceleration!!! The car was running fine earlier that day. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? I'm hoping its just a sensor or something that's worn out setting everything...
  29. R

    Engine Diagnosis

    Alright so im not really even sure how to start this off. I've got a VZ sv6 Alloytech 190kw h7a currently sitting in my driveway un driveable and i do not know whether or not it needs a new engine i did an oil change and general service myself a few weeks prior to the car dying, changed the...
  30. K

    Engine Shudder At 1500RPM During Climb

    Hi guys, I'm new to Just Commodores (kind of) and I've been scouring the forums for an answer to this but they seems so varied. So here's my problem: For a while now the car has been sending an awful shudder through the car when hitting around 1500-1700RPM when under a little stress (like...
  31. J

    Bent pushrod where can i buy

    I have a 94 vr commodore, my car has just came back from being thrashed out from a car meet and iv bent a pushrod, causeing an engine tick, i need to know where i can buy a new pushrod for the ol 3800?
  32. Dooley_m47

    VE engine mounts

    Hi all. Just a quick question. Has anyone changed the left engine mount in a VE V6 ? Im after information. Cheers :)
  33. A

    Detailing the Commodore VZ Engine Bay

    Hi there, As you can see in the pictures my rides engine bay has become the dirtiest of it as it can :\ Am planing to detail my engine bay, but before doing that I had a few worries that I need to take care of and some suggestions\help. In the very first picture I've circled in the red...
  34. btgoodgame343

    VT Commodore Engine Rebuild

    So I basically got a new battery this morning, fixing that problem, and actually got the engine to run on 3 cylinders. I then found out that almost all the oil was on the floor. I'm not really bothered with finding out exactly what it is that's wrong and I'm going to do a complete engine...
  35. btgoodgame343

    VT Engine won't turn over.

    Hey guys, a while ago I bought a late 98' VT Ecotec Series 2 and I've only just tried to start it for the first time. The instrument lights come on and all the exterior lights work, but as soon as I turn it to start it dies completely and all that remains is the odometer when i return the key to...
  36. M

    Commodore VT turns off randomely

    Hey guys, I am a German backpacker and bought a Commodore from 1998 for my travels. I drove it 200km so far and the engine keeps shutting down during driving, it happened 4 times so far. It just turns off when I press the accelerator and I have to start it again. I sometimes have problems to...
  37. danielnitschke

    Broken Thermostat?

    Hey Guys, My VX Acclaim 2002 Series II has been doing something that worried me at first. Was randomly driving and got the beeping frantically and 'hot!!!' on the dashboard display, looked at the thermo gauge and it was just below the redline level. Pulled over and turned the car off...
  38. V

    Engine and Transmission removal from the car

    Hi Guys, Is t it possible to remove both of them together? And install together of course. I just have more confidence in torqueing up all the bolts on the bench, then in the engine bay. Have you done it? Thanks for your help.
  39. V

    Startup Noise Problem with Holden VT Commodore V6 - 1999

    So I went to the mechanics and they said it was a water pump. 300$ later, the noise is still there. Please help The noise goes away as soon as the temp guage starts to raise. Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLIo2TWjPHE <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  40. G

    Ticking Noise VZ Alloytech 2006 Berlina

    Hey Guys I just recently bought a VZ Berlina 2006 and the service history was great but become abit wonky after 100,000 was bought from a dealer and he said he was not sure however he confirmed last service was done at 137,000 Car is currently is 140,500 and i have noticed a ticking noise...