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  1. VinnieLS3

    Service Side Detection System

    Hey Guys and Girls, Started my VF2 SSVR this morning and was greeted with the pictured error msg on the dash stating: Service Side Detection System. Does anyone know what this is and what's involved? I'm assuming it's do to do with the mirrors blind spot warning or the alert when reversing...
  2. ghostrider

    VE BCM (Body Control Module) B1517 Error

    Hey Guys, having cut outs on my VE under acceleration randomly and suspected battery or something because the car sometimes has problems starting and loosing Traction Assist ESC EBA EBC the scan tool come up with this error as present Battery Voltage Plausibility Failure B1517 Symptom 5A...
  3. I

    Parking aid keeps deactivating

    Hey guys I've tried searching for this issue but can't seem to find a thread made on it. When I engage my parking assistance (the feature that reverse/rear-to-curb parks the car for you) it scans for a park, finds one, instructs me to put the car in reverse then immediately says: "Parking...
  4. danielnitschke

    VX II Giving Weird Error and Chime?

    Hello All, My VX II Acclaim Commodore 2002 has been doing something weird recently. Today was the second time it's done it, else it starts fine? When i turn the car on, the security LED flashes like nuts, the Traction Control and Airbag light turn on and the car makes a chime similar (but...
  5. N

    Installing HSV Clubsport Tail Lights On Omega

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post. I have an Omega 2008 Model and am wanting to correctly install the HSV Clubsport tail lights. I have already had them installed, and they are in working condition, however they have caused several errors on the Centre Display...
  6. Jaz11

    Exhaust causing engine warning light.

    Hi all. I need help. I will keep it short... For almost 12 months on and off I've been dealing with my exhaust throwing an error code and causing an engine warning light. I've had it into Holden who have replaced multiple O2 sensors but eventually found out some fuel has got into my cat and...
  7. speed__demond

    304, code 13 oxy.. brand new oxy?

    hey I replaced my oxy in the vs 304 and still get code 13.. its pluged in properly and everything.. just wondering if anyone knows if its fused anywhere, or if theres a wire connection I should be checking if its loose somewhere?
  8. D

    VZ CHECK POWERTRAIN Check.. Continuous Beeping

    Hi After i changed the coil packs and spark plugs on my VZ Executive, a Powertrain Check error is always there. It is not like the usual beep but is sort of continuous just like the one in the youtube video (Link Below) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRBBt5Evd84]&#x202b Searched the...
  9. Z

    please help me vy v6

    hello i really need some help. i have a vy s2 standard v6 . its been running rough when it idles and if it sits for about 3 minuets the check engine sigh comes up and goes away about 2 minuets after that iv taken it to mechanics and they said they couldn't find it put on the computer and no...
  10. U

    VX commodore turns over but won't fire

    Hi, I have a 2001 vx commodore. I can drive the car everyday for weeks on end and it doesnt miss a beat. Though sometimes it starts, I drive 20 feet and it stops then it turns over but wont fire. Sometimes i can come back an hour later it will start or the next day, and it will fire and seem to...
  11. amos_executive

    how to get thread moved?

    i've posted a thread here http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vehicles-sale/200618-king-spring-sssl-ultra-low-rear-ssl-front-gt-monroe-sport-shortened-shocks.html but as you can see it's under vehicles-sales where it should be under the other parts and items for sale part how can i get this...
  12. M

    Error Code 2272 (HO2S Signal Stuck Lean Bank 2 Sensor )

    Hello, can somebody please explain to me what this all means. I was driving home yesturday from work and the check engine light came on so i took it straight to the mechanic and they pluged it into their scantool and deleted to error code "p2272" and said it will be alright.
  13. Jimmy_d_jr

    stcok headunit "check disc" error

    Hi again guys, just wondering if any of you could ahead some light on this This is the guide I followed when I did the aux input GTO Hard Wire Tutorial and from what I can tell before the radio throws the disc error I can hear music from my iPod :-) but now theres the check disc error and I'm...
  14. jw.pfitzner

    Urgent help needed please car stuck in orange

    hey people, ive got a problem with checking the error codes on a vt, i know how to do it bridge 5 and 6 so i did it and it came up with 83 but there is no code 83 so i went to check it again and now it wont work at all, no lights flash or anything... ive tried bridging other ways and unhooking...
  15. Mattde

    Bloody Clarion...

    a Few months ago i purchased the Clarion Cz500A radio for my VX. i installed it fine and its been working great for the the 3-4 months ive owned it but the other day it came up with an error code "MCU UPG" or something like that. i turned my car off and came back later to find it still on...
  16. M

    TPS issue driving me mad...

    Hi y'all, I've got a drama with my VT Olympic that is driving me completely mad. The gear changes are all off pretty much all the time - sometimes it will stick in a gear when it should be changing or it will change down when it shouldn't. It's also randomly throwing a TPS error and...
  17. C

    Error Code 42, help me please...

    Got code 42 today. The thing that happens is whilst driving or just whenever the car is running, it randomly drops about 300-500revs and then recovers, like its about to stall but doesnt, the enigne light flashes for about half a second but then its gone again. I swapped the DFI module out with...
  18. G

    Can you check codes on vu ss without going to mechanic's???

    hey guys i just read on here that bridging the terminals on the computer plug on a ss doesn't display the codes because you can't check v8's. mine shows code 12 but there is definteltly an problem. cheers this is my utes problem if anyone can help...
  19. M

    lost 3rd and 4 th gear - error 36-

    yesterday my vr series 2 lost 3 and 4 th gear got home checked fluid levels, all ok, ran a code check and it came up with 36 - vaccum leak-, would this error cause the car to go into limp mode? Or is there going to be a bigger underlying problem? Thanks for any help
  20. M

    Error Code 85

    Hi Have a VT wagon and I have checked error codes and one of them is 85. How easy is this to fix? Do I need to change the transmission completely or is there something easier to do? Please help! Thanks
  21. 5

    V8 statesman VR with error codes 41 & 42 how to fix ??

    My VR StatesMan 5.0 is not getting spark to plugs , the other night whilst driving I felt the engine murmur from weak spark , a few minutes later it stopped dead, and could not be started.:rip: Had to hire a car trailer , and after spending four hours rooting around with planks & bricks by...