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  1. R

    Need Help ?!?

    Hey guys, So I just got my timing chains replaced a couple days ago due to errors popping up on my dash. (esp off, check engine, saftey mode & power reduced). Got it back yesterday and it drove fine until today! All the errors popped up again and now my car won't even start? It turns over but...
  2. H

    My error codes.

    Hi guys.. Just did the error code test on my vn because the idles are fluctuating really bad and sometimes it revs up then drops too low and stalls... anyway did the test and got code 13 (Oxygen Sensor) and 21 (Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) - Voltage Too High). Im fairly sure how to fix the o2...
  3. H

    [Help] Checking for errors in vn.. which wires?

    Hello, I read the guide on how to check for errors in the vn by bridging it with a paper clip.. I'm having difficulties finding which ones to bridge... i removed the kick panel to expose the metal case holding the memcal. I have no idea which ones to bridge.. is it 1 of the 2 cables plugged into...
  4. B

    safe mode - reduced performance warning

    hi so i turn on my VZ SV6 2004 this morning, and bang! SAFE MODE alert, reduced performance alert came on. i was like :bang: ????? and traction control was off and wouldn't turn on etc.. So i turned it off and back on and the error went away, drove all day, no issues whatsoever so I said...