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ex police

  1. J

    How to turn off pursuit/night mode in my 2011 VE series 2 SS Sportswagon ex VIC cop car

    I have recently pulled the battery out of my VE Series 2 2011 SS Sportswagon to charge and when I have reconnected the radio display and instrument lights, fuel gauge, temp gauge and tacho are no longer working. Speedo still works however and the display on radio flashes on for a second upon...
  2. HarmlessMuffinMan

    [NSW] VX II 9C1 Ex Police Commodore

    ITEM: For Sale. 2002 VX II 9C1 Spec (Ex Police) V6 Automatic Commodore. 240k -ish KM. Rego due end of June (Happy to get it slipped by a mechanic for the right buyer. Has recently been checked over and repairs made where necessary). Located Armidale. Asking Price: $3'500 Negotiable...
  3. H

    V6 restrictor

    My car is an ex police car, and my mate who is a mechanic told me that my engine has a restrictor on it which stops it from reaching it full potential speed wise. What do i have to do to take this off my car?