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  1. M

    Recommend exhaust

    hey fellas, Hope your all having a great chrissy so far. I’ve got an 06 VZ auto commodore and currently have an Xforce exhaust on her from the previous owner and looking to change it from the cat back before my next service Boys got any recommendations?
  2. V

    How much power loss would this be causing ???

    G'day fellow commodore owners, A few weeks ago installed a set of lowered King Springs and a set of Lowered GT Monroe shocks, since then the ride has been fantastic, like its on rails. Anyways, while i was under the rear end, i discovered that my...
  3. A

    Exaust for my vy ute

    Hey!! The Bloke who owned my car before had done some work to the exaust which sounds terrible, i dont know exactly what but he just said sports exaust..the pipes have been change front to back and a diff muffler..not sure abuout cats or anything. But he drilled a whole and welded it shut which...
  4. A

    Fuel economy

    Hey, this is my first post, but i have been on this site for a while. I bought my first car ( which is a bloody buety) its a 2002 Vy Ute with full SS body kit, 17" but hasnt been lowered, im planning on using the car for a few work related things so i dont wanto lower it. Yer that pretty much...
  5. commomad

    [QLD] 2.5 Twin Cat System to suit VR

    DESCRIPTION: 2.5inch Twin Cat Sytem to suit VR sedan with live rear axle custom made system with 2 standard VR cats built in. made to suit Lukey Headers. CONDITION: Used. fair. 2yrs old, has hole in rear muffler, needs...