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  1. S

    Vz lcd dash display

    Tried to change the dashlights over last night, but when I tried to take the lcd display off, it broke. Was looking at getting a secondhand dash and switxhing the display screens and was wondering could a Vy lcd fit? From what I can tell the only difference in the two is the wiring harness.
  2. Jimmy_d_jr

    VY series 1 Acclaim Foglights

    hi guys, so ive read and searched around but a few different things have came up ie i have heard the series ones came with the fog light looms so all i need is the fog switch, fuse, relay and foglights. wanting it to run from the factory switch but then other places i have read that only...
  3. S

    2005 VZ Ececutive Stage 2 Shift Kit?

    2005 VZ Executive Stage 2 Shift Kit? Hey guys, Was just wondering if a Stage 2 Shift Kit would be suitable for my VZ Commodore? Also, is there a specific brand yous would recommend?
  4. makdaddz

    [VIC] WTB: VT/VX Tungston, Executive.

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/ Wanted to Buy / Trade ITEM: General Description of what you are offering or what you want LOCATION: VICTORIA, melbourne CONDITION:Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: willing to pick up and travel, but interstate. PAYMENT OPTIONS: any. CONTACT DETAILS: PM or...
  5. V

    exec to SS headlights, S2 to S1 boot - pics!

    Hi all, thought I'd upload some pics of a couple of mods I think has improved the looks of my VYII. The headlights are the ebay SS copies, and the boot was from the wreckers, cheaper than getting the holes from that chrome strip filled and painted - I can't believe holden bolted it on!
  6. dmar


    Figured after hanging around here randomly for the past 2 years or so, i should post a thread if only to help people considering black on black or anything to do with my setup vz commodore executive 18 inch monza wheels ssl kings front sl kings back solartint %30 (i think, whatevers legal) lion...
  7. Timmos

    My vy exec

    Tim's vy exec {Now SS kitted} Name: Tim Model: 2003 VY Exec Colour: Blue Bodykit: Full SS kit Engine Type: 3.8L Ecotec Engine Mods: None Power: Very little above stock Exhaust: Custom 3" Cat Gearbox: 4 Speed Auto Diff: Stock Brakes: Stock Suspension: Jumbo Sports springs, lowered 3"...