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executive commodore vt

  1. vango003

    My VT exec 97' V6

    Hiya, Bought this VT about 2 or so months ago after selling my Nissan 300zx. been using some of the money to change the car up a bit. Installed new headlights, tail-lights and a VX boot garnish. New 2.5" redback exhaust, but gotta get them to remove one of the mufflers as they installed 2 of...
  2. G

    VZ roof trim to fit VT

    hey everyone, i was just reading the forum (http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/holden-commodore-how-tos/113118-how-install-vy-vz-sunglasses-holder-vt-vx.html) on how to install a vz sunglasses holder into a vt commodore and was wondering if it would be easier just to use a VZ roof trim insted...