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exhaust louder

  1. B

    Exhaust Systems

    Hey guys, I was looking at upgrading the exhaust on my VZ wagon and was wondering if anyone could make any suggestions. I was looking for cat back systems from Manta or a Performance Exhaust XForce. Any tips on which would produce a better note or if there's any other solutions I should...
  2. GradyT


  3. P

    2011 SSV exhaust upgrade

    Gents and ladies, Looking in to placing a 2.5in cat back system onto my SSV to gain that V8 sound... Trouble is the guy I have been speaking to reckons I need to go the whole hog and include headers and get it dyno tuned as well... Trouble with that is the cost is out of what I am looking...
  4. R

    VZ Exhaust Muffler Removal HELP!

    hi guys i have got a 2006 vz SV6 alloytech 190 and i was just wondering i want my car to sound better because to me it sounds weak and i cant afford an exhaust system, whats the go with removing the muffler? do i lose any power? fuel costs? i know it will be droney but idc and when i remove it...
  5. W

    this newbie needs some basic exhaust advice

    Hey chaps, I have come to the conclusion that i need to do something with my VE ute's exhaust system. i have been doing some research and have found it somewhat helpful however i just need a little advice specific to my situation. so here's what i have... i bought a used 2008 SV6 Ute a few...
  6. 0

    [QLD] Ve ss exhaust and v6 brakes

    ITEM: VE SS EXHAUST, has had the resonators replaced in the middle section with walker items and it is the genuine twin outlet rear mufflers. Great upgrade from standard V6 exhaust. Been told that its a common upgrade for the V6. Gives it a bigger exhaust, bit of an audible difference with no...
  7. S

    2010 SV6 - Want to put a new louder exhaust.

    Hi everyone, What exhaust could i put on to make the car alot louder? At the moment I have a SS Inductions Growler KIT on that gives a bit of a roar when planting the accelerator. Any suggestions? Please keep in mine that im freshly 18 so I am doing this to last me till 22 and off my P's...
  8. S

    V6 non turbo power options?

    Hey guys. just bought a vt acclaim. I need some help to get some decnt power out of the ecotec. plus i really want a nice exhaust. loud beefy. but not overly drony at high speed. As far as power goes ive heard alot of things, from headers, to ducting, rockers, throttle bodies. all advice...

    Rear Resi Removal

    Hey all, I got a 2.5" catback system with a centre muffler on my VS at the moment. I like the sound but would like it if it was just a bit louder and grunty maybe? Been looking on the forums and removal of the resonator and placing in a straight pipe seems to be something that can be done? I...