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exhaust system

  1. J

    Where to purchase Di Filippo (Manta Pro Series) Exhausts in SA?

    Hi, I’m looking at doing a complete intake and exhaust haulover/repair/dyno with my VF Series 1 VF (L77 Engine). I’ve already got a crap Chinese OTR CAI and factory sports exhaust fitted, but want to really go all the way I can to improve performance/sound beforeI give it a new cam and dyno...
  2. C

    Commodore Ute Exhuast

    Hey there! So new to the website but been stalking without an account for a little while! I've mainly been looking at posts about exhaust upgrades for the sv6 ve Commodore and the general consensus seems to be to stay away from full systems like xforce etc. And to instead just do a muffler...
  3. GlxBxi

    Extractor and intake help for VE SV6 2009 SIDI

    Hey guys i'm new here, just looking for some tailored opinions on my setup. I have an Automatic 09 ve sv6 sidi with 130000km's on clock I bought an xforce 2.25" catcback exhaust (which i kind of regret because i later found out i could fit a 2.5"). But I'm looking into buying some extractors...
  4. F

    Rapid Exhaust "Marriage Savers" rear mufflers - Unbiased review

    Recently I decided to change my exhaust on my stock 2009 VE SS Commodore (auto). The only thing I'd done to it prior was to add some pretty average rear mufflers that droned. I found Rapid Exhaust's "Marriage Savers" through their website which are marketed as direct fit rear mufflers that...
  5. D

    [Alloytec] Statesman WK new exhaust system making engine over heat???

    Hi guys, After my Statesman v6 coming and going from the exhaust shop, they have given up on it and put a stock standard exhaust back on it. Problem is feels like I'm wringing its neck. Only drove 15km and it over heated, displayed the warning messages and then I lost ability to accelerate...
  6. H

    Power loss

    Have just had a 2 1/2 cat back ms system fitted, was chasing a slightly beefier sound. Got that but it seems to have lost a little grunt. Is this possible any advice welcomed
  7. E

    exhaust help ! i want something that sounds good and makes the car go better

    hey guys i have a vy v6 series 2 ute and i want to put a good exhaust on it. i was thinking of gettting pacemakers and a growler kit just dont know what exhaust to get to complement these mods any ideas ? cheers !
  8. B

    Resonator touching gas tank heat shield

    Hi, I bought a new exhaust and the resonator is up against the Heat shield and this gets quite warm when driving and its up against the gas tank. Will It be ok heat wise for example if I can still touch the heat shield? Thanks
  9. Major Herbie

    My SV6

    Been on here for awhile but thought I'd start being more active on the forum. Here's a little back story; Girlfriend crashed her "fully hectik" Mirage (Evo rims/bodykit, jetpilot and fox stickers, sub/amp and lowered) :banstick: A few months later and we find out she's pregnant so I got...
  10. C

    Exhaust system for my VX S

    Hi everybody! I've been wondering how to approach an exhaust system on my 2001 VX S. For a while I was thinking of doing it myself and going with a Pacemaker header and X-Force exhaust system but from what I could see the pipes were two different sizes and even then the extractors were a...
  11. 0

    [QLD] Ve ss exhaust and v6 brakes

    ITEM: VE SS EXHAUST, has had the resonators replaced in the middle section with walker items and it is the genuine twin outlet rear mufflers. Great upgrade from standard V6 exhaust. Been told that its a common upgrade for the V6. Gives it a bigger exhaust, bit of an audible difference with no...
  12. S

    VT Redback Exhaust problem!

    Hey guys, i only just bought a 2.5" redback VT/VX/VU exhaust system with single muffler and rear resonator, i have seen plenty of videos with guys having the same system as me but mine is completely quiet with a deep drone, basically the stock exhaust sound but a tad deeper. Does anyone have any...
  13. Shhtef

    Rear exhaust pipe snapped off from muffler... help please?

    So forgive me if I sound like a complete novice, I don't know the total ins and outs of the mechanics of cars so don't make fun haha, I'll try explain as best I can. Rear end of exhaust pipe fell off when driving one day, had noticed a sputtering sound for a while so probably was loose...
  14. M

    vt exec exahaust

    hi everyone eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d was just wondering if anyone has put a redback twin 2.5" exhaust on a standard executive, was wondering if i brought the cat back exhaust (above) would it fit straight on with a set of extractors or would it be worth...
  15. N

    Full Redback or Lukey system on a '94 VR Acclaim Series II

    What do you think? Considering a Lukey or Redback system including extractors etc.. Worth the cash? Cold air intake, hi flo filter and restrictor removed already..
  16. D

    VZ exhaust system help!!

    I have got a vz sv6 and im not 100% sure on what exhaust to put on i was thinking about extractors with a twin 2.5" cat back and remove the rear muffler any other suggestions. I have spoken to some people and they say that when your sitting on 80km it has an unbearable droning sound is it...
  17. M

    vu ss exhaust

    Hi everyone wondering if I can get some help for an exhaust system on my Auto vu ss series 2 atm its got a mild stage 2 shift kit and some 3.54 gears. Im after a full system. Ive been a bit confused as there is so many on the market thanks
  18. JSTCOZ

    VT/VX with quad exhaust

    Hey guys, Bored and was curious what peoples opinions were on putting quad pipes on a VT/VX s-pack. Below is my car with a cheap photoshop of what it would look like. :idea3: I was thinking i might have to change the tips to the ones that curve with the body or maybe something else that suits...
  19. C

    VS UTE Give me ideas/opinions

    Just after a bit of feedback for my 1996 model VS II Ute, maybe some ideas for mods to do on it or give me an idea on what its worth It has custom blue paint (painted 5 yrs ago) 12 months NSW rego 3.8ltr Ecotec V6 with 213000kms 5spd Manual with 18" BSA Alloy wheels with Falken tyres...
  20. VTEZN

    How do i emove passenger side exhaust manifolds

    Hey guys got a crack in the passenger side exhaust manifold of my 1999 vt s2 all going good till i get to this huge ass bolt that seems to be screwed into the manifold which leads to a unit that connects to the inlet. Now ive seen some of these cut off. I realy dont want to cut it but i might...
  21. V

    Should i upgrade exhaust? Anyone done the same as me on a V6?

    My first car(grey V6 3.8L VY executive series 2) is nice but im a little dissapointed on the pick up so i was looking to upgrade the exhaust as i have been told that it is the best bang for buck as far as increased power but i have also read that it will mess with the ECU and i wont get any...
  22. INNAWE

    Best exhaust for a VP V8 Calais

    Sorry if this thread has already been posted before but for the life of me I can not find anything in google to comfirm what I have heard. After the best system for a V8 VP Calais. As of yet nothing has been done to the internals of the motor, but will happen in the future so I dont want to...
  23. xtreme_sony

    Whether I Should Remove My Muffler, Please Comment

    Hi Guys and Girls, i have a VP Commodore, its got WILDCAT headers, 2.5"HF Cat, 2.5" Cat Back mandrel bent Exhaust with a LUKEY muffler, i wanna go abit louder and was wondering if i just cut out my muffler and weld a pipe into its place, What do u guys think, will it sound good, how loud will it...
  24. jonwilliams76

    VZ V6 175kw Exhaust

    Have been getting bad fuel economy.... have been wondering what exhaust to get... rang 5 local exhaust shops’ all told me something different... Want something with no drone... little noise... does anyone have a video of there own.. or some advise would be helpful
  25. jonwilliams76

    VZ Fuel Economy

    Hi guys, Recently purchased a VZ Executive seemed to be getting bad fuel economy. Looked up Holden spec’s they say that I should get 11/100km around town... but I only seem to get 18/100km.... Wondering whether this is normal economy or do I need to get it tuned or something…? Also...
  26. N

    pods and loud???!?!?!

    1.)i just fitted on a pod onto my v6 exec (Vx) and as people claim the induction sounds really good, i agree it sounds good but in my car i can only hear it wn its in park lol ... so any ideas wat myt make it louder? 2.) i went to pitstop because i wanted to get a quote on a 'sports exhaust...