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exhuast system

  1. Connor Newman

    Sv6 series 2 (lpg)

    Hey guys just question about exhuast set up for ve sv6 series 2 lpg My partner picked up a hazard series 2 ve running on lpg and only has a single exhuast on one side the diffuser only has the one cut on that side for exhuast tip Was wondering if anyone has set up a dual exhuast system on...
  2. S

    vx commodore exhuast

    hi i just recently bought a 2001 vx commodore exectutive the car came with a straight pipe from the cat back i was just wondering what others had done to make there v6 actually sound decent and get rid of the horrid crackling that the straight pipe puts out cheers
  3. E

    exhaust system for my vs

    im trying to find a good exhaust system to make my car sound mean but i dont want to spend money on get one that has a droning noise i have a commodore vs Ute 96 3.8L v6 if you can help that would be good
  4. B

    Difillipo Extractors and High Flow Cats

    Hi Everyone, Looking to get extractors and high flow cats for my VZ 5.7 Ute, If anyone is wanting to sell there Extractors and cats let me know. I am after ideally Difillipo Extractors in Tri Y but i will except 4in1, now they need to be a 3" outlet to bolt onto my system at the moment