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  1. R

    Replacing left exterior mirror on Holden Commodore VZ 2005

    Hello, some idiot ripped my exterior left mirror out of my VZ, is it possible to insert a new exterior mirror or do I have to change the whole assembly?
  2. H

    VZ ute exterior LED's

    Ok i got a vz ute but its a six and dont have the ss or storm etc. bodykit therefore being no wiring for the fog lights. (I just have black caps where the foggies should be). I bought these led's but didn't think to check if the wiring was there so i could wire the led strips up and stick them...
  3. J

    Legality of aftermarket lighting

    Hey guys in the process of doing up my vs i figured i would as i got a new engine dropped in but i would also like to install some aftermarket lighting. just wanna know if it's legal in queensland and victoria as i'll be moving there soon. Im not talking about stupid neons and **** just coloured...
  4. DmanVT

    VT exterior and interior idea's

    Hey guys, this is my first post and i wanted to get some opinions on my vt, i'm only 17 and i know it isn't anything good but im going at a slow rate and eventually it will look good, just wondering what people think of my VT. Anyone that has any good exterior or interior ideas please post and...
  5. Paul_grima

    Vp Exterior Mods

    Hey i got a VP commodore and was just looking for some ideas on some exterior mods i have a recent pic. Also needing help on technical questions.
  6. V

    newly bought vx s2

    newly bought vx s1 hey just wondering, i just turned 18 and bought myself a series 1 vx exec. its done low k's but has a few nicks on the exterior just wondering if there was anything that you guys could recommend to improve its looks (inside or out) thing is, i dont want to be...