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  1. J

    Help exhaust leak

    So I changed over my motor and put the extractors off my old motor onto my new motor and now I have an exhaust leak which sounds like it's coming from the flange where the extractors and the exhaust bolt together but only on the one side, I have tried one gasket and some good quality gasket goo...
  2. D

    Genie extractor/oxygen sensor issue

    Hey guys, I have just installed a set of Genie extractors onto my Series 1 Exec VN. The issue I have is that when I have gone to hook the oxygen sensor back up it no longer fits. The extractor has a slot for it with thread to screw in but it is too shallow. How would I go about fixing...
  3. bazinga

    ticking noise....extractors?

    got a 5litre vn calais and its got this ticking noise from the engine bay and the previous owner said there is a small hole is the left extractor just want to know would a hole in the extractor make a ticking noise or was he just bullshitting me and it's something else? and would welding the...
  4. somefool

    [SA] WTB: EXTRACTORS to suit VN V6 1991

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: extractors & matching y-piece to fit series 2 VN 6. My passenger side header has cracked in the usual spot so I'm looking to get some decent less restricting extractors. Screw spewing up $500 for a set new definitely prefer second hand . $200-250 mark if...