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  1. Dj1crook

    Aftermarket headers/extractors vr commodore

    ok so I've heard that from factory the VRs came with headers as stock. Would changing them to aftermarket ones do much to the sound and fuel economy or would it just be pouring money down the drain. All i want to do is have it sounding nice by also slapping on a hi flow cat and improve fuel...
  2. D

    Performance parts install

    Hey guys I just purchased some headers (1 3/4) for my VE 6.0, which should bolt directly on to my 2.5" xforce catback system. Was wondering if anyone knew of a decent workshop/mechanic who installs aftermarket parts for a reasonable price and quality. Located in Western Sydney, cheers.
  3. A

    LS3 otr and exhaust upgrade

    Anyone in Wollongong, south Sydney area know somewhere good to upgrade to an otr intake and get a full exhaust upgrade and tune on my 6.2L Clubby
  4. abuch47

    Any idea what this exhaust is?

    Found a second hand exhaust was told it was hsv but clearly not. Thinking its pacies 4 into 1 headers but dont know the others and seller cant help.
  5. V

    Swapping a full stock exhaust with a full exhaust system+extractors

    I have a auto vy s pac with a exhaust system and the extractors but i have just bought a manual vy s pac that has only got a stock exhaust im just wondering roughly how much it would cost to get the 2 exhaust swapped over from each car thanks
  6. Nicholas Inzitari

    VE OTR Air intake, Tune and extractors.

    Hey guys I am trying to get my VE SS series 2 to sound good so far iv had a 3inch xforce catback exhaust installed but Didn’t get new extractors tomorrow I’m getting an over radiator intake and tune done would like to know if this helps with the sound. Or should I look and getting extractors...
  7. Djin2711

    Extractors for VK Black 202 Carburetor engine

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a difference between the extractors for a Black 202 carby engine and a Black 202 fuel injected engine?
  8. Oz82

    Hurricane cat pipes

    Hi all, I've picked up some secondhand Hurricane Tri Y extractors for my WH LS1. I've currently got a twin 2.5 inch catback system on the car. To join the headers to the exhaust I need cat pipes. I understand Hurricane do cat pipes with 200 cell cats that will bolt straight in which is...
  9. J

    VE SV6 2012 Fuel Economy

    Hey all, I’ve got a Series 2 VE SV6 Wagon 2012 and it’s been pretty good on economy getting about 10.8L/100km with about 70/30 city/country driving. I’ve had a look around and a few people seem to thinking a cold air intake plus extractors is the way to go to get better fuel economy and a...
  10. R

    extractors and cats help!

    Hi guys, first time posting on here. I have a manual 2010 ssv redline ute with 2 1/2 inch cat back exhaust. was wondering if anyone could help me decide on what size extractors to get and what cats. would 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 be best? i wouldn't want it to drone at all. and would tri-ys be best or...
  11. AZ_SSV

    Ve hsv headers / extractors

    Hey guys, just got a set of ve hsv extractors. Was wondering if anybody knows the primary and outlet sizes. Cheers Az
  12. V

    are ecotec extractors the same as l67 extractors

    how are you going guys just a quick question i have a vs calais, as you all should know calais come out factory auto. but i decided that i wanted a manual so i bought everything (wiring converstion kit, t5 gearbox+short shifter, tail shaft and computer) so everything is ready to go but before...
  13. dashdown98

    VS Ecotec Extractors - Manual and Auto??

    So I found someone selling a set of VS V6 extractors (Bottom left of pic) My question is, are the auto and manual ones the same? I've done a bit of research but can't make any sense of it. If I get these will they bolt up to the existing Y-pipe? Should I need anything else to get it...
  14. J

    Just Bought Yesterday; 2002 VX Commodore, Have any advice?

    144,700km, 2002 vx Commodore Extractors, Sway bar, strut brace, High flow exhaust, KN air filter, 19 inch rims, lowered, bad clear coat peel on RHS
  15. Chrisrox

    vx v6 ecotec exhaust question

    Ok so i am after some info whether a stock twin cat supercharged exhaust would be the same as a single 2.5" exhaust system when it comes to flow on a n/a ecotec vx v6. Either way ill be putting extractors on just wondering as i already hhave the s/c exhaust is it worth changing or will the s/c...
  16. speed__demond

    vs statesman 304 engine go in with extractors on??

    hey all got a new 304 goin in the vs stato. got me sum tri-y pacemakers will she slide in nicely with the extractors attached? if anyones done it on a vr/vs with the varible rack let me know thanks.
  17. xDriiftPrincess

    [QLD] WTB: VS Catback exhaust

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to buy ITEM: After a catback exhaust to fit VS Calais, LOCATION: Logan surrounds. Can travel. CONDITION: preferably good and not damaged DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel a reasonable distance for pickup. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM...
  18. Jonesy40

    [WA] VE Pacemaker Headers and Cats

    ITEM: VE v8 Pacemaker 4-1 Headers and Manta Hi Flow Cats LOCATION: Nollamara WA CONDITION: Used approx 30,000km old PRICE: $650.0 Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up Only PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email me [email protected], or MSG/Call 0427 879 473...
  19. D

    Exhaust diy vu ss

    hi, so i've just gotten a VU ss 5.7ltr and im looking at putting an exhaust system on but to save on labour im looking at ordering the parts myself. i just had a few questions about catbacks, cats and headers would a 2.5" catback bolt onto the stock cats? are the flange sizes different...
  20. L

    [VIC] Shed Cleanout, Ecotec, Getrag, 4L60E, 2 x Exhaust, Greddy Clutch Kit, SS Lower kit,

    Cleaning out the shed, Currently wrecking a Vs S pack Manual in black (Panther Mica # k009) most interior/exterior and drive line components available. Please contact me if what you need isn't up here and i will let you know if i have it. Having trouble uploading photos so message me and i...
  21. A

    Exhaust setup questions for Monaro

    A quick hello to the community of Just commodores, I have posted this at ls1.com.au but I would like to hear the input of the guys here. I have finally become a proud owner of a V8 (previoiusly only owning 6's) I currently own a 2004 series 3 CV8 Monaro which is stock as a rock, I have...
  22. damankerrison09

    [SA] VY SS UTE and LS1 parts (exhaust, panels, abs module, exhaust, extractors, springs)

    LOCATION: Adelaide north, South australia CONDITION: Parts are used but most in great condition PRICE: Prices are below.. will accept offers on parts and will consider separating or selling as pairs. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Some things can be posted others will need to be picked up...
  23. L

    VZ V6 Alloy tec auto extractors and cats

    Hi, Does anyone know or have spare or used extractors or cats for a V6 Alloy Tec Auto ute? I had an exhaust installed extractors back and i am wanting to go back to standard, i've had problems with it and i'm over it. Pleasde help! Thanks =)
  24. C

    cold air intake vs extractors help please

    hey guys i got a 2008 ve sv6 ute manual and i need your help i have to pick either cold air intake (like growler or air hammer) or put extractors on it i have straight pipes already just wondering wit one i would benefit more from in regards to performance like acceleration n touque wise thanks...
  25. Daniels-VY

    Exhaust/Extractors/CATS - Questions!

    Hey all, Ive got a few questions in regards to the exhaust on my 03 VY SS Ute Currently its stock apart from a 2.5" cat back exhaust My mate has just told me he can get me pacemaker extractors at cost price (im a poor uni student) so my questions are: 1) Can i install the extractors...
  26. M

    Extractor to Exhaust Sizing??? Help

    Hi guys Not sure if this should be in a different section or not, but it does relate to my VS I'm looking to find some second hand extractors for my 5 Litre, looking to try and do it cheap, Have found some that were off a VN and have been modified to suit 3 inch pipes. Pretty sure my...
  27. M

    [NSW] WTB, VS 5.0l 304 V8 Extractors/Exhaust system & V8 Badge

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VS 5.0l 304 V8 Extractors/Exhaust system with IRS LOCATION: NSW, Hunter Valley CONDITION: USED DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up, Will Travel to Sydney or North if its a good deal PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: PM or reply in this...
  28. B

    [VIC] WTB: LS1 tri-y extractors

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Tri-y extractors to suit LS1 LOCATION: South eastern suburbs, Victoria CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to pick up from anywhere in metro area and maybe further depending on where. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: PM...
  29. matsv6

    My IMPULSE VZ SS LS1 ute, sl's, 6 speed.

    Name: Mat Car Type: Ute Colour:: Impulse Blue Model: VZ MY05 SS Engine: LS1 Trans: 6spd Manual Rims: 19'' ssv's Interior: Black Leather Exhaust: 2.5" catback, pacemaker extractors Other mods: Growler kit Suspension: king spring sl's monroe gt shocks
  30. C

    06 Rodeo Tune up?

    I know this place isnt for rodeos but mabey someone has some good views. Ive bought a 06 rodeo 3.6l alloytec manual and want to put extractors and a new exahust on it, just wondering if anyone has a good idea about what is best for this ute?? cheerss.
  31. K

    Modifying My VS Manual Ute

    Hey guys. I just bought a VS Ute, manual with Gas.. Im starting to make it look custom as, Ive got a ve clubsport front bumper, led lights inside and out, Xeon headlights, sick tail lights etc. Im wondering how to make it look unlike a VS and into something Rare and custom. Can i put VU mirror's...
  32. Kierab

    Pacemaker extractors from a manual VR to a Auto VS

    What the title says Will they fit? Ty in advance!:thumbsup:
  33. Scheme


    Got stock everything, except pod filter, and straight pipe from middle resignator back with twin 3'' tip, nothing great at all. Looking to get extractors as at high revs I sometimes have 'flat spots' and feels like the car is very slightly 'kangaroo/bunny hopping'... Also would sound be any...
  34. C

    Headers & Extractors

    hey guys, im looking at buying some headers and extractors for my 1994 vr acclaim and i was wondering which brands to go with or companys to go through for a good deal and good quality products from your own experience cheers
  35. M

    2000 VX commodore v6 auto - P plate mods

    hi all, im new to these forums id like some help. I recently purchased a VX commodore, and id like to install a exhaust system with extractors. Ive gotten a mixed answer in terms of the law with modifications. 1. Do extractors need a engineer's slip? 2. Extractors allowed for P plates in...
  36. Pos

    Exhaust wrap for Pacemakers

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has done it themselves, used exhaust wrap on there V8 Pacemakers & how much difference did it make to under bonnet temps & how much did you use? I'm not sure if a 50ft roll is enough for a pair of 5l Pacies for mr VR? :idea3:
  37. D

    VH Commodore Extractors to suit efi heads

    Does anyone know where I can get a set of extractors or headers will fit in a vh commodore running efi heads, manual steering rack, trimatic box and a CVR starter motor. Motor is putting out approx 500hp.
  38. Sam0213

    Cars Sitting to low!

    Hi, my 2000 vt has super low kings all round. cops thort they would be pricks 1 day and measure it so i failed because the extractors were sitting too low. everywhere except the extractors are sitting high enough,took it down to an exhaust joint and they tighend up a few bolts are tryed to...
  39. JSTCOZ

    backfiring/spitting due to new extractors?

    Hey guys, had extractors on for around 3-4weeks and all of a sudden the car is spitting and backfiring under pressure. I can't spot the issue. but heard that after a few weeks it's a good idea to get your extractors tightened again cos they have begun to adjust to your system? that sound right...
  40. JSTCOZ

    VT hurricane extractors installed, bad noise?

    Hey all, Just got extractors on the car, great new sound and the power is definately noticeable.(VT V6) $500 for hurricane extractors supplied and installed. One thing i noticed is there is more noise coming from the front of the car (sounds like air circulating), but also a bit like a...