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  1. D

    Need advice on new car

    I need advice on what car I should buy for $8000. There are three I have found. - Holden VE international 09, 80000kms, $8000 - Holden VE SV6 07, 115000kms,$7500 - Ford Falcon FG XR6 09, 140000kms, $7500 If anyone has any general advice on the positives or negatives on each car or how many kms...
  2. speed__demond

    [VIC] vr II versus falcon ef

    i have a commodore vr series 2, extractors and cat back. my mate has a stock ef falcon but keeps going on that it will flog my commo. yes it has more kw but my old eb had more aswell yet the v6 destroys it. thoughts anyone?
  3. M

    Fitting AU Fans In A VK Commodore

    Hey, Just wondering if anybody out there has done the conversion of AU fans into there VK Commodore? If so interested to learn how they are wired up, which colour wires do you use from the original Ford loom? Can get my hands on a thermatic switch relay easy enough just need to know which...
  4. Paul_grima

    [VIC] Swap? - READ THE RULES

    yes, its in the wrong section. read the rules. not hard