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  1. Deetorious

    Vs 5ltr water pump problems

    I have myself a 1995 commodore vs ss 5ltr (Engines a VP v8) anways my issue is my fan belt is not lined up straight and it looks to be the water pump causing the issue, the guy I brought the car off was doing up a LH Torana. Im wondering if his mixed the two pumps up or have a got a dodgy after...
  2. danielnitschke

    WK Statesman Heater/Fan Issue

    Hi All, Got a 03 WK Statesman. The heater seems to have only either two operations that actually do something Off, or HIGH. There is no inbetween (ie. Fan on 1,2,3). Pressing the FAN up and down buttons adds an extra notch to the indicator on the central display, but things only actually...
  3. B

    Fan to my feet not working in my VE ute??

    Hi guys!! My fan/heater won't direct air to my feet for some reason, I have pulled of the lower panel and all the ducting is attached but for some reason not working. Any idea's? Thanks
  4. R

    Low Profile Radiators Fans for VZ V6 ?

    I'm doing some mods and it looks like the standard radiator housings are going to get in the way. Can anyone recommend some 3rd party fans that would do the same job (or even improve on it), and not be as "thick" ? Has anyone done this? Also, if there are difficulties or hazards...
  5. B

    VE A/C Fan Speed Fluctuating

    Hey Guys, I've got an 08 Sv6 and when I turn on the A/C, the fan speed goes on full blast then fluctuates down and up for about 30 sec before returning to the speed that its set on. It works normally after that. I've done a search on the forums and tried the re-learn procedure thing, but...
  6. A

    Radiator thermo cooling fan not working

    After doing a great deal of research i have managed to get most of the information i need to troubleshoot my radiator thermo fans not working. I can't find the last bit of info i need to finish off the job. Background info: Radiator thermo fans not coming on at all when car is running...
  7. J

    Radiator fan connection removal

    Hi Just wondering how you are supposed to disconnect the radiator fan connections. I have tried to no avail thus far. Any tips? Photo: http://sdrv.ms/14xX5je Thanks
  8. M

    vt berlina 99 radiator fans & dash lights always on/air con not work

    im a new dude with very minor car experience (learning now though..). problem started as intermittent but now always happening. when i turn car on dash lights freeze, radiator fans come on and air con won't doesn't work (thermo fans blow uncooled air). it's accompanied by a 3 tone warning...
  9. nalchlan

    thermo fan working..but not working!

    hey guys my thermo fan will not turn on automatically. i have tested both the low and high relays they both show resistance when switched. ive also bridged the the terminals on the fuse/relay board and had the fan running on high and low. the only other thing i did was earth out the heat...
  10. MGNick

    heat constantly on, cant get cold to work and engine fan turning on earlier than norm

    gday i just had some stereo guys fix my system and on the way home i noticed my thermostat showing a lower temperature than normal on my dash, then i also noticed even when i spin the dial for climate its always blowing warm air out, so i pulled the dash apart and noticed a gal rod with a thread...
  11. J

    VY overheating - fan problem?

    Hi guys VY Calais S2 V6 overheating when stopped at lights with AC on - temp quickly returns to normal with good air flow. Coolant levels were good, flushed the radiator, no oil in water or water in oil. Then I noticed only one of the dual radiator fans (left side) ever seems to be going once...
  12. T

    how to get access to the climate control fan

    Hey guys when i turn on my climate control i get a really annoying whistling, and as i put up the speed the more annoying it gets does anyone have instructions how to get tot he fan to check it out for a vy s2? thanks
  13. V

    Heat sensor not working :(

    hey guys, just wondering where i can find the sensor that tells the car to turn the fan on when the temperature gets too high. VP commodore eecutive, series 2. Any photos would greatly be appreciated. thanks guys, vxseries1
  14. VK SL 3800

    VK Viscous Clutch Fan

    Ok, i have been informed that my VK is supposed to have a Viscous clutch fan as it is fitted with AC but it doesn't, i know for fact that it has factory AC as the original owner gave me a few pics of it when it was a day old, (not on computer, and i dont have a scanner) showing the AC in the...
  15. D

    VT air con issue

    hi all i have an issue with my air con that im hoping someone can help me with. when the air con is on while im driving, and i accelerate, the fan cuts out.. but when i ease off the accelerator, the fan kicks in again and works ok.. im not too sure how to fix this issue. if anyone can...
  16. W

    Demister and Fan problem

    Hi guys, The rear demister and fan in my vs has been a problem for quite a while. basically they come on whenever they feel like it, and as time goes on they feel like it less and less. Im leaning towards the direction of a loose cable or something they are either both on or both off...
  17. D

    weird heater problems VT Commodore

    a while ago my climate control stopped working so i tested everythin, heater fan itself works fine... Resistors all good... Relays and fuses all good to... But it dosnt work at all when its on nothing on any speeds, I bridged one of the relays ('blower relay' closest to the steering wheel) and...
  18. D

    heater problems... Still

    ive changed the whole fan motor and all the relays and still nothing, anyone know what it could be now? Its starting to get really cold so i need a heater lol
  19. D

    heater problems... Still

    ive changed the whole fan motor and all the relays and still nothing, anyone know what it could be now? Its starting to get really cold so i need a heater lol
  20. V

    Fan issues VS III ute

    I have a 1999 VS III S pack ute with about 105K kms. There are issues with the fan. It has become unreliable, when the car is started and the fan is already on it can take 10-15 mins before it comes on. Other times it starts immediately and others after a few seconds/minutes. Very frustrating in...
  21. D

    commodore low speed fan on all the time?

    I recently purchased a 99 Commodore VT Executive, auto, v6, etc.. The low speed fan relay was missing when I bought it, and i bought one and put it in.. I now see why the relay was missing - it stays on all the time. The high speed fan operates properly, turning on when it gets hot or...
  22. whitey5759

    VZ Calais Climate Control Fan Noise

    I've had my 2005 VZ Calais for about 6 months (which I bought from a Holden dealer in the city). Since then it has developed what would best be described as a chattering noise in the passengers footwell which I believe is the sound of something in the fan for the climate control. I beleive this...
  23. O

    Fan not working

    Folks I got a problem, the cabin fan takes about 2 min to s/w on after selected on,I've studied the wiring diagrams and the only thing it could be is the " warning lamp check relay"(during start it pulls in to put the brake fail light on, so you can check the bulb, as the relay relaxes it...