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  1. Fayvitt

    Engine fans not working.

    Howdy all. My VX Calais v6 supercharged has engine fan probs. I've noticed neither fan works, even when the AC is turned on. I went to Repco, bought replacement relays, and the low speed fan turned on....permanently. After a bit of research, headed to the Holden dealer, got the original...
  2. H

    [Question] AU twin thermos in a vn v6

    Hey, I've got a vn v6 series 1, just wondering how hard it is to put them AU twin thermo fans in there? got them real cheap off a mate. My apologies if this has already been covered before.
  3. M

    AU Thermo Fans

    I know there is heaps of threads out there that cover the fitting up AU thermo fans but for the life of me I cannot find a wiring diagram that shows simply how to wire them up. I'm not using a temp switch or anything, I just want them to run when the ignition is on and turn off when the ignition...