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  1. Fili

    Front fascia buttons repair or replacement on 09 Ve sv6

    I've been trying to find out how to go about repairing my front fascia buttons . I tried to do it myself ended up stuffing the buttons on it cause my aircon button wasn't working. Went to get a different fascia from wreckers and they said I'd have to change the whole thing.no idea where to start...
  2. N

    I need some urgent front bumper fascia advice!

    I have a vr ute, this is my second car but my first to holden makes an models: I bought a vr wagon front bumper and the fascia sits nicely but i cant screw in the 3 screws that go above the license plate holder because of these plastic notches. What i was thinking was to sand down these...
  3. 2006VERallySport

    Replacing radio fascia woes.

    hello, everyone and happy new year. My factory blaupunkt stereo sounds ok, but the temperature and air conditioning knobs don't work. I can regulate the fan speed, but the temp control is stuck on hot, which makes it uncomfortable on these summer days. For Christmas, my son bought me a new facia...
  4. R

    Painting dash and Fascia

    what are the steps to paint these? cheers
  5. Foxicity

    VF Front End on VE

    Hello. Does anyone know if the bonnet, front fenders and front fascia from a VF SS/SV6 will fit on a Series 2 VE SV6. Cheers for replies.
  6. U

    ve fascia kit and display screen

    hi guys. i have replaced my stock ve omega head unit with the ve fascia kit and a pioneer double din head unit. my question is, what can i do with the old display that used to be on top of the stock head unit? it is disabled atm and i was wondering if i could take it out and put a gps or an...
  7. R

    [VIC] JL 5ch amp, single din pocket VY, alpine to iso - iso to holden leads, polk momo sub

    ITEM: JL 5ch amp XD700/5 all original in box (used for only 6ish months then sold car) LOCATION: VIC CONDITION: Used (as new condition) PRICE: Negotiable $450 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pick up/meet half way PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: amp is...
  8. paulio14

    VE SV6 07 Aircon refuses to turn on!! PLEASE HELP ITS GETTING HOT!!

    Hey guys, as said above i have an 07 ve sv6 commdore. I have an aftermarket fascia installed (looks like bus controls) with a pioneer head unit. My problem is the aircon wont turn on. I press the button and it the head unit recognises it so all the fan settings come up but the air con wont...
  9. U

    custom ve fascia question

    Hi guys. I have been looking everywhere but i have not seem to found what i am looking for. I would like to know which sort of headunits are compatible with the fascia. will all double din headunits work with the HVAC and steering controls or are only certain ones compatible? If that's already...
  10. U

    Major problem!!!

    high guys, like an idoit i pulled off the fascia of my 2007 ve omega, i did this because im thinking of putting the quasi fascia. To cut a long story short i put the fascia back in and now it wont work!, any ideason wtf i have done and how to fix? sorry if this or something like this has...
  11. G

    9C1 Dash Fascia switch hookup

    Hi Guys its time to change the dash fascia on my VT, as its aged i brought an ex-police dash on ebay with original wiring loom for Dome Light would any one know where it plugs in what i've been reading, it might plug into the BCM but i'm not fully sure though one end has a inline fuse...
  12. F

    VR/VS Custom Gauge Faces

    I know I've seen a thread somewhere on this forum about this... But i can't bloody find it again. So don't flame me, do your own searches, and link me. I tried any and every combination of "White", "Gauge", "Face", "Fascia", "VS", "VR", "custom"... I'm wanting to install the custom gauge...