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  1. Adrian's Vr

    VR V6 verses VE V6

    Im gonna start a fued. What is actually faster, A VR v6 or a VE v6 (3L and 3.6L)?
  2. M

    [202] Help for holden wb 1984 UTE

    Hi I am doing up a 1984 holden wb ute with my dad for my first car I have a few qustions Would it be worth upgrading from the blue 202 with a varajet II to a 253 (legal on p's) Would it be worth saving up $ and getting a 308 or a ls1? Would it be worth putting a rb30 in it and...
  3. B

    07 VE SV6 - Engine Warning Light

    Recently purchased a 07 VE SV6 sedan full service history immaculate condition with only 94,000km on the clock. The other day I noticed when I turned the ignition key to the Acc position, the lil orange engine warning light illuminated and remained on. When I turned the ignition, the light...
  4. H

    VN Indicator flashing fast

    Hey guys, I have a small problem... just today when i went out for a drive i noticed my left indicator is flashing fast... so obviously i thought ah yeah 1 of the globes have blown... but i got out and had a look and both front and back indicators are working fine.. flashes normal to the right...
  5. dinkum87

    My 94 sly vr ss

    WINDOW TINT IS NEXT WHAT STYLE AND COLOUR WILL SUIT THIS LOOK DARKEST LEGAL PLAIN DARK TINT OR HINT OF SILVER OPINIONS WANTED??? Car: Vr SS Year: 05/94 Colour: White Motor: 5 Litre 304, gilmer drive and power steering fitted, tuned now revs higher dosnt bouce off limiter the response is...
  6. premium

    VK Speed

    Hi, You guys are going to think I'm absurd but I have a scenario: Unlimited time and money, I want to make my VK 202 as fast as physically possible. NO FUEL-INJECTION! and No V8s. Apart from those two rules, anything goes.
  7. shaunington

    My 2nd VL - Factory MF5 Exec

    Eucumbene Blue VL SL - Factory MF5 - Lowered, pedders sportsrider allround, chasers Hey all, I have a 1988 VL SL (see thread in sig) that I was planning on making a manual. But, the car is interstate, and there is going to be a lot of cost involved with shipping it down, finishing it off and...