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fault light

  1. P

    Check powertrain fault and running like a lemon!

    Hi guys,i have an alloytech v6 wagon and i serviced it myself (just basic oil and filter change) but i came up short 1 litre of oil so when i trotted off to the store to get more i wasnt suprised when the check oil light came on. I was however suprised that after i topped up the oil i still had...
  2. D

    vt commodore transmision wont select first gear

    hi there guys, firstly just want to say that i have been using this site for quite a while now and must say very usefull so thanks to everyone who posts in here. Ok so my mate has a vt v6 auto about 190ks on it now, has just recently decided to not want to select first gear anymore, at around...
  3. N

    battery goes dead twice but auto electrician says there's no problem??

    hey all my '93 executive VP keeps turning on the battery warning light and the battery went flat leaving me in the kfc carpark. The car has a reasonably new battery so i thought the alternator was on its way out so i got myself a replacement one which was in much better condition but somehow...