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  1. J

    Vz Ute problems

    Have a 3.6 vz ute, recently done timing chains in it. Put it together drove ok but water pump leaked due to a damaged bolt so took timing cover off fixed that put back together it started and drove now it won't start I turn the key and there is a delay for the reds coming on and the tacho moves...
  2. Wheatley098

    HVAC Actuators help

    Good afternoon all Commodore VE SSV 2009 Ute First off I know this has been posted twice but I believe my issue is different somehow I started off with having an actuator fault because my car would stay on "Face" when I selected "Feet" so I knew one if them was at fault Upon changing over...
  3. K

    08 Ve Omega Won’t start.

    Hoping someone can help. Jumped in my 08 VE Omega this morning and it won’t start, but flashes through brake, ABS & traction control warning. Doesn’t even want a bar of kicking over. Any ideas on what it could be? Haven’t had any of the lights ever come on previously and it has been running...
  4. J

    4l60e no 1st and 4th gear

    So I recently did a gearbox change in my vx calias 5.7 and when Ive turned accessories on I heard a shorting out sound, all the fuses were fine so I didn't think anything of it. So I went to take the car for a drive and when I started the car t the check engine light came on and I noticed I...
  5. V

    P0174, p0302, fuelsys1/fuelsys2 ol-fault HELP

    So vehicle is a 2008 ve manual ssv ute stock. I have run into a problem where I am displaying p0174 bank 2 system too lean and p0302 cylinder 2 missfire and have a sulphur smell. I was driving around watching a live data stream and noticed when it started running rough and the engine light was...
  6. P

    Adventra VZ - ESP & ABS Fail alert going off

    Hi all. I have a 2005 Holden Adventra and the ESP and ABS fail light and alarm keeps going off. I had the rear breaks and rotors replaced yesterday and ever since this is happening. It wasn't happening prior to the replacement. Can anyone help??
  7. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Electrical problem? Troubleshooting help?

    Hey all, long term lurker on the forum. I own a 2001 VX Berlina, all is stock on the vehicle besides my Fusion sub (built in amp), a Kenwood KDC-U346 unit and my VY SS rims. I've never had any issue with the car until the last couple weeks when I noticed my sub stopped working. I hadn't had the...
  8. M

    Vf HID

    Hey good morning all i have a vf sv6 2015 trying to fit hid kit but they keep flickering and turning off with error message any one had similar experiences please help ...
  9. TommyC0412

    03 vy ss commodore indicator fault

    Hey have a 03 vy ss and the drivers side indicator is funtioning with the head lights. If the lights are off it works normal but when driving at night with headlights on the indicator just stays lit up not blinking. Anyone know a fix ive tried the flasher relay but didnt make a difference...
  10. L

    VE Brake Light Switch Adjustment

    Good aye all. Is there a way of adjusting the sensitivity or position of the brake light switch? Or the brake pedal itself? My cruise control is not always activating, however if I pull the pedal back with my foot it will operate normally again. It must be only a matter of a mm or 2. There...
  11. A

    OBD2 ELM 327 bluetooth fault codes

    Hi everyone, I scanned my friend's 2005 Holden Commodore using this OBD2 ELM 327 bluetooth scan tool I bought from ebay and it showed me these codes: C3700 C3F24 and I can't find what are these codes mean *note* my friend's ABS is broken so one of them is the ABS code thank you
  12. C

    Vy Abs Fault!!! Help needed

    Need help with abs on vy series 2... Abs is not working have checked all sensors with multimeter nothing comes up also checke the plugs that plug in to them they give a reading on it!! Not sure if I need to replace all sensors or could there be something else wrong??? Car is Vy s2 l67 converted...
  13. danielnitschke

    VX II Giving Weird Error and Chime?

    Hello All, My VX II Acclaim Commodore 2002 has been doing something weird recently. Today was the second time it's done it, else it starts fine? When i turn the car on, the security LED flashes like nuts, the Traction Control and Airbag light turn on and the car makes a chime similar (but...
  14. R

    Air compressor clutch not kicking in

    Hi guys, I've been at this problem for a while now and not much people seem to know what's happening to this VY. Simple symptom is, the clutch in the AC compressor isn't kicking in. And the compressor was not getting any power supply to it. I've tested the relay by bridging the supply...
  15. M

    VP II S pack won't start

    Ok so this requires a bit of back story. I bought this VP II S pack auto from mechanic mate for $150 because he could not for the life of him figure out why it would not start. I put a healthier battery in. I put a new crank angle sensor on it (the diagnostic said it was faulty) I put the...
  16. B

    Stereo Shorting & Blowing fuse, please help!

    Hi all, sorta new here so I apologise if this is wrong or whatever. I have a VX with a Pioneer touch screen head unit installed with all the usual, speakers, sub etc etc. Yesterday the radio fuse randomly blew. Replaced with new fuse and keeps blowing, inspected harness from stock stereo too...
  17. K

    Stroked VY idling rough and backfiring.

    Hi All, I own a 2002 VY SS that just recently got some work done to it. I got it stroked to 383 with cam, stally, new tranny, extractors,new exhaust and so on.. At the moment it is playing up. It has been backfiring and missing. I had changed the spark plugs, installed one new coil pack that...
  18. adam sv6

    Fault code P0660

    Have had the check engine light on for a short while now and finally got around to checking it... Used 'torque' android app to scan for faults (works veeery well actually :thumbsup:) and got this bad boy come up: P0660 Intake Manifold Tuning Valve Control Circuit/Open Bank 1 The description...
  19. U

    VX commodore turns over but won't fire

    Hi, I have a 2001 vx commodore. I can drive the car everyday for weeks on end and it doesnt miss a beat. Though sometimes it starts, I drive 20 feet and it stops then it turns over but wont fire. Sometimes i can come back an hour later it will start or the next day, and it will fire and seem to...
  20. M

    ABS fault light on

    Hi, I've got a series 1 VR Exec. They didn't come standard with ABS, I think it was fitted as a factory or dealer option. A little while ago the fuse (#9) for the Heater A/C Cont. overheated. Instead of blowing it melted and the terminals moved together to stay conductive. The socket also...
  21. A

    Front electric windows squeak at top when winding up

    I've looked through countless threads on this forum for this issue and have not come across any solutions. Both of my front windows squeak/screech when going up and down at the very top of their wind sequence. They are electric windows. This is NOT the rattling issue others have...
  22. stevebutler

    I've had enough.

    Right i've had enough with this stupid VT. Can anyone think of any part of the car that could be causing the highbeams to draw small amounts of power from the passenger low beam (when the high beams are off), and only the drivers side highbeam to work (passenger low beam dimming at the same...
  23. stevebutler

    How can genuine parts not fit?

    I've had recent troubles with my headlights (which were aftermarnet, and fit perfectly) which are detailed in other threads of mine. I purchased what i was told are GENUINE second hand lights from city dismantlers. They don't fit properly, it's as if theyre not quite big enough leaving a gap...
  24. D

    ABS Failure ???

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could give me some ideas about my cars ABS failure problem? The brake pads are new (6 months ago) and I checked all the wheels, nothing wrong with the pads, speed sensors-wiring seems fine. The brake booster seems OK and I cannot find anything wrong with the master...
  25. S

    Wiring problems in a VR ute, no power ANYWHERE!!

    hi, just replaced the fuel pump in my Vr series II ute, ran for a minute now nothing!! fuel pump wont wind up at all, and now it wont turn over because im only getting 4V to the starter. im getting 12V to all my relays and fuses, but the fuel pump fuse is only getting 11V. should this be a...
  26. Hektic

    ESP turns off Automaticly and stays off Help

    Hi, I recently changed my factory steereing wheel to a leather one from an sv6 , since then when i drive the car ESP Goes of and stays off till i park the car, i tried pressing the traction button toturn it back on wont hapin ( button still works though i checkd it )
  27. Bongo

    New battery had terminals reversed when installed Pls help

    OK whilst I was interstate wife had the VS 5ltr Statesman and the battery died, so father inlaw went and bought a new battery. No problem YET. BUT when he put it in he placed the Neg on pos and then place pos on neg for " a second until he realized it sparked unusually. NOW the car has gremlins...
  28. 6

    WTF VR Airbag Failure!

    Yesterday when leaving work I started my car only to have the airbag deploy in my face as the ignition turned the engine over. 1. The car was stationary (no crash) 2. No prior warning of any issue (no airbag light on dash) 4. The car started fine and kept running during and after the airbag...
  29. FadeToBlack

    Trip computer [x] - no fault codes logged

    I got a second hand diff put in, an LSD with 3.7's replacing the stock 3.08 open wheeler, and the mechanic used a scan tool to change the PPK value to match the new diff. The speedo and gear changes are fine but there is a small 'x' in the left window of the trip computer which the manual says...
  30. V

    Faulty VR horn

    I've recently bought a 93 VR executive and I am needing to run it through roadworthy soon but im having problems with my horn, it only seems to work when it wants to, Anyone had this problem? Also my electic mirrors won't work but im pretty sure the fuse in the control unit has blown, I am yet...
  31. JA2Z

    Help - VR Serious Problem - will be something simple

    Hi, I have a problem that has cropped up since changing a few things. It all began when I installed some Bosch Super6 injectors. I've Had my chip tuned my GreenFoam - (which may i add, is the single best mod i have done to my car!!) to suit all the mods i have, so tune issue is out...
  32. E

    vs not starting. help pls=(

    this morning i went to start my car. put the key in, turned to on position, all warning lights turned on (oil, engine, all the usual stuff) and tried to start the car via push buton switch i installed (never had any problems with it). as soon as i depressed the button, everything cut out...
  33. J

    help weird fault

    Hi, I have a 2002 vu commodore V6 manual. The car is jerking in first gear only. It does not jerk when it is cold, only when the car is warmed up. Every day it is getting more and more violent. I have changed the spark plugs the leads the coil pack and the igniter. There is also no engine...
  34. [Linkin Park]

    abs fault and weird grinding from the front of car

    hey, Well we just bought a 2nd hand 2004 vz commodore sedan with 53,000kms the abs fault thingy comes up and getting more frequent and lasts for about 6 seconds but there are no fault codes left so holden dont know what the problem is. my second problem doesnt happen always but it...