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  1. Apex8

    [VIC] WTB VE Sedan FE2 or FE3 Springs/Shocks/Assembly.

    DESCRIPTION: WTB VE Sedan FE2 or FE3 Springs/Shocks/Assembly. ITEM: Looking for an HSV/SS Stock suspension setup for my 08 VE SS sedan. Happy to pay $250-350 for a low kms set in good condition. I'm not having much luck so I'll consider higher kms for less cash. LOCATION: Victoria - Ringwood...
  2. MovieDude

    VE SS using FE3?

    The service centre told me that current model (VE) SSs have FE3-rated suspension/springs. He said that in response to my criticism of its tendency to wallow in corners. Apparently previous models used FE2 but Holden softened it to FE3 to make the SS appeal to the masses. Is this truth or tripe?