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  1. M

    Replacing VE Fender Guards

    Hi everyone, I've been trying unsuccessfully to find a guide on how to replace VE series one fenders If anyone has a link or tutorial could you please help me out? Cheers
  2. S

    Advice Needed, missus crashed the car.

    G'day guys, Just need a bit of general advice. The missus crashed her suzuki ignis today while parking and tore the front right fender right off. She's got comprehensive insurance on the car. WHat I needed advice in regards to was whether it'd be cheaper for me to take it to a good panel...
  3. A

    VS Calais versus Executive/Berlina Fender

    Hey guys I'm brand new to just commodores and have just bought a VS Calais with a crushed right hand front guard. Just wondering if the whole shape and size of the calais guard is the same as the normal executive and berlina ones so i know what donor car I can get to suit fixing up my Calais...
  4. T-Hulk

    VX executive Rear Fender change

    Is it Possible to change then rear Fender from a VX Executive over to a VT to get rid of the ugly reflectors? Cheers Tom.

    [VIC] Fender Telecaster Guitar

    Hey guys, Thought some of you may be interested in starting guitar or well, Just buying one :P ITEM: Squier Fender Telecaster Obey propaganda model. LOCATION: Victoria CONDITION: Used PRICE: $400 firm DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup but will send out at buyers cost...