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  1. T

    VF 2013 evoke factory LPG Gas filter location?

    Hey fellas, Quick search revealed nothing. I have a 2013 Factory LPG VF evoke @ 114k kms. Looking to replace the LPG filter, unsure where it is Seems to be in a different location than the VE's. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  2. Commo_Carl


    So, I've already rebuilt the power steering pump for the crazy custom turbo ute (click here to see the rebuild how-to) Now I've finished the setup off, with new lines, a filter and a cooler Check out the video here, hopefully helps some of you out and/or gives you some ideas ;)
  3. X

    Pod filter on SIDI 3.0L

    Hey guys, I decided to fiddle around with my intake and fit a pod filter. I disconnected the sensor after the air filter and unhooked the airbox. Upon taking the airbox out, I noticed there is a second sensor before the air filter but still in the top half of the box. I've had a google...
  4. Nitro_X

    Cabin Air Filter

    Installed a new air filter for the air-con today, bit of a tricky location and a bit fiddly, but jesus, there's some sharp edges on the opening access area, nearly sliced my forearm open and now looks like a crazy cat attacked my arm..lol Anyway, I opted for a Wesfil brand for $20 from...
  5. C

    Where to find the LPG filter?!

    Hi all I have been perusing the net for hours on end trying to find something applicable to my car but to no avail, so thought I'd start a new thread here. I have a 2003 VY Executive (dual-fuel, ex NZ police car and taxi) and it is long overdue for the LPG filter to be changed. So far I...
  6. Mattde

    Alloytec V6 OTR style CIA...

    So Ksport Australia here in NSW posted a new style air intake to suit V6 VZ & VE. for $199 with free freight upon pre-order until Mid July it sounds like a good price for what it is. Looks Pretty neat IMO but thus far my speculations are as follows: - How does its performance match up to...
  7. camer0n

    No fuel getting to injectors

    So my car has been sitting for a while (1 - 2 months) waiting for parts to come from overseas. I had the intake manifold off to put the new fittings in and went to start but just kept turning over but didn't fire. Started checking the obvious first and I have no fuel getting to the injectors...
  8. red_spider

    [WA] cv8 Monaro parts,stereo parts,filters,etc

    stripping the modifications off my car to sell it.parts listed are advertised elsewhere also so parts may be sold so please enquire ITEM: K&N panel filter suit vt-vz v6 LOCATION: perth,6108 CONDITION: Used PRICE: $60 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up or can ship at buyers...
  9. st3r3otyp3

    [General] VT-VZ Cabin filter mod.

    As you may know pre VE commodores don`t come with cabin filters, cabin filters can be a great asset for asthma sufferers pollution worry wort's and the cleanliness of your interior as it traps dust, pollution and pollen before it get pulled into the HVAC system, they have been common place on...
  10. D

    Fuel Filter VY SS

    Hi, I am looking to replace my fuel filter on my VY. Can someone help me with its location and how to depressurize the system before removal??? Cheers
  11. M

    Holden Rodeo Enhancements/Mods

    Hey people, first post here. Recently trading in my xr6 turbo for a 01' Rodeo 4 cylinder Petrol, 122,000 kms, just asking for a bit of advice?? Cosmetic wise, I've got it tinted and getting an mp3 headdeck and speaker system next week put it. I'm also changing the spark plugs and lead...
  12. Scheme

    K&N Panel Filter VS Stock Panel Filter

    I just installed a L67 OTR Cold Air Intake on my VN V6 Wagon, and have noticed slight improvements but nothing drastic. I'm pretty happy with how it is now, but everyone posting about CAI's seem to upgrade their air filters to K&N / DRIFT or other brands etc. Is it REALLY worth it in the end...
  13. BoNeZ-01

    [NSW] WTB: Stock Oil Filter Adaptor-VS V6

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Original Oil Filter Adaptor, for a VS s1 V6 Ecotec. LOCATION: NSW, Central West. CONDITION: Used in good, serviceable condition is fine, new if available. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Prefer by post, as I do not have my own vehicle to travel, I will...
  14. B

    Oil filter- cartridge. Is there one available with a non return valve?

    Hi, I was about to change the oil on my VZ and I already have a new cartridge for the filter, but I got to wondering if it was possible to get a cartridge that has a non return valve in it? The reason is, my car has always had a nasty rattle at the top of the engine when it is first started...
  15. VLC86

    pod filter with CAI setups

    hey guys.. iv been looking through all of the old threads about the pod filters vs. CAI. Just wanted to ask, i have seen on a few vl's that you can hook up a pod filter to the car, but also buy some parts that give direct air intake from below, behind the bumper. Its hard to explain, but i...
  16. W

    VNS1, harsh noise, oil light

    My oil light came on. The engine was making a noise, kind of harssh, with some tappet noise. I put more oil in without checking level first. I checked the oil and found that it had been (probably alread) too full. I drained some oil, getting the reading back to normal on the dipstick. Test...
  17. V

    vz ute a/c filter location??

    does anybody know where the a/c filter is in a vz ute??
  18. MovieDude

    Pollen Filter for an SS VE

    I get unwanted smells and odours entering the cabin even when the recycle button is pressed (on my 2007 VE SS) and the service centre told me it's because I don't have a pollen filter. Is this part easy to fit for the average diy person and where can I get instructions or a workshop manual?
  19. P

    transmission filter o-ring issue

    hey guys, today i dropped the transmission fluid for the first time (for me) and everything was going smoothly until i removed the transmission oil filter. the O ring on the end of the filter is stuck up inside the intake port. has anyone got any clue on how to get it out? i've tried the...