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  1. V

    [QLD] off the hook with this one??

    ok, so heres the story. i was driving on the highway doing 150km in a 100 zone (obviously over the limit) and there was a car in front of me doing the same or close to speed, the vehicle in front of me was in the left lane and i was in the right. WE then passed a speed camera van parked on the...
  2. S

    V6 Ecotec overheats in first 5-10mins of starting, then fine for rest of journey

    Hi All, VX S pack with V6 Ecotec At least twice a week for the past month or so, will start car in morning, be driving for 5-10 minutes and will then hear temperature warning beep. Temperature gauge will show very high (nealry maxed out) and I'll pull over straight away, then as soon as I...