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first car vt wagon

  1. M

    MOZ-7 1997 VT Wagon

    Name: Michael Model: 1997 vt excecutive Colour: White Bodykit: Stock Engine Type: ecotec v6 Engine Mods: none Exhaust: 2.5 inch lukeey catback Gearbox: Auto Brakes: Stock Suspension: SL All around. (backs have ultras but have to take them in and out for footy as roads are too rough)...
  2. T

    VT for first car, good idea?

    Hey guys i couldn't find a better place to post this question. Im currently on my L's in SA and will shortly have my P's. I plan to buy a car early next year. I would like to get a VT wagon, would i be able to get decent one with my budget of $5000? I've looked around a bit online but im not...