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  1. E

    How to fit VE ute ladder racks

    Hi all, have got a VE SV6 Z series black ute... and my first post here. have bought a set of removable Ladder racks for a VE ute (yes both are removable) The guy who sold them to me (nice retired guy).. could not really remember how they were fitted to his ute as he had replaced with hard lid...
  2. Mattde

    Wheel-y stupid question.

    Ok so question time. I bought some new 17" rims with tyres second hand last night. Got them home and compared them to the Two matching ones i already had (was trying to find a full set) Now my problem is, i know for a fact that the two already have fit. but when i compared the old and new...
  3. jayden.2.2

    SS rear bar on Berlina?

    Would it fit? Would it look good? Would it look good with a G8 diffuser and quad tips? Any other ideas welcome. Tell me what you think. Cheers in advance.
  4. C

    Will VE SSV Wheels Fit on a VK Calais?

    Hey guys, pretty much what the title ask, Will VE SSV wheels on my VK Calais?? :hmmm: Iv'e been told they should fit fine, but would rather ask people who know there stuff before forking out $800 for a set of wheels haha Thanks Guys.
  5. Zerone_V

    DIY Differential Swap for VE Commodore

    Hi Everyone, Firstly, Thankyou in advance for any help that I receive. I am looking at swapping my Differential during the Christmas Break. (I have a second hand LSD Diff I wish to fit to my non LSD VE V8) I have already sourced the Diff, and have had a quick look at the workshop manual...
  6. Jake.VScommo

    VX seats in VS

    hey, does anybody kno the best way to instal VX seats into a VS. i'm more concerned about the back but it would be gd to kno the best way to fit front and back. thanks :dance:
  7. aussie 94 vr

    my creation of a vr v6

    hay all well i just bought a 94 VR V6 SII for $300.00 (surprising i know). but this is whats going to happen over this year... the motor is on its way (450.000 k) out. i have a VX ecotech V6 waiting for me in werrbie. 128.000k on the clock having 30thou oversize pistons placed in plus an stage2...