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  1. A

    20x10 all round, no rolling and stock height

    Hi all. First time posting here. I brought my first ever commodore two weeks before we went into stage 1 lockdown in Vic lol! A stock 2014 VF SS. I have been able to drive around during lockdown because, of work which is great! So I've gone through the forums looking for this info. But I just...
  2. M

    E3 wheels on vz ss ute

    Hey guys , New to the site . I’ve got a vz ss ute which has been lowered by Previous owner. I have 18s on it currently. But I want to put the 20” E3 gts wheels on the ute . Tyre size will be 245/30r20 on the new e3s. The ute has FE2 suspension but apparently this is a problem due to the strut...
  3. J

    Koya SF11 20x9.5 20x10.5 VF redline Brembos front and rear

    Hey guys, new member here been stalking the page and going around and around trying to sort out my new wheels and tyres for my ute reading everything I can. I am deployed overseas at the moment and having a nightmare sorting out offset for my rims which I have all ready paid for just awaiting my...
  4. K

    Vertini dynasty 20” fitment

    Would 20” and 10”wide vertini dynasty rims with 255/35R20 fit on a ve sv6 Ute? What size hub centric rings would you have to use so the center bore of the wheel matches the hub of a ve? And what would be a good offset for the wheel?
  5. M

    20 inch wheel fitment

    So i have a 2007 VE ute. My mate has just put some tein coilovers in and they are on the lowest setting because i don't have the tool to change ride height. I've ordered 20" inch advant garde illest wheels with 245/35/20 tyres that should be here in the next few days. my question is will...
  6. dashdown98

    Will VN headlights and grille fit VP?

    I own a VP ute with a stock front end. I like the look of some of the VN grilles going around, and I know that the grille is a different shape to the VP, but if you swap out the headlights and grille from a VN can you keep the VP indicators? I really don't want to get two whole new left and...

    VT SSL front with 20's (245/30/20) will it fit?

    Hey everyone! I've got 245/30/20 tyres and had SL front and SSL rear king springs in my car for ages. I'm wanting to put SSL front king springs in the front. Just don't know if it will fit the tyres? Any experience or advice would be great! Praying the tyres will fit!! Thanks :)
  8. N

    VE Rims

    Hey all just have a quick question, looking at buying 19x9 ve clubby rims. wanna make sure they are gonna somehow fit under my ute. i have the guards rolled atm, but am thinking even so they might be a stretch.. any comments? My Ride VY II SS UTE running SL's front and rear. thinking of...