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  1. M

    VE SV6 X-Force 2.25 cat back exhaust not fitting on cats.

    Hi guys, I recently thought I would try a 2.25 x-force exhaust on my sv6. When I went to hook it up to the cats the exhaust would not fit. This is my first time trying to play with a 2.25 however have hooked up plenty of 2.5's and 3's so I'm just assuming the obvious that the pipe is too small...
  2. C

    normal VE series 1 bootlid spoiler fit a Clubsport Series 1 VE (20080?

    Very new here, so im really sorry if this has been asked in the past. As the title says, im just wondering if a bootlip spoiler of a series 1 VE (SS,SV6 etc) would fit on a R8 Clubsport Series 1. Thanks alot!
  3. V

    VE SS Ute Soft Tonneau Cover brackets Part Number

    Hi, I am looking to find out where I can get a hold of some brackets I am missing for my Soft Tonneau cover. I have attached a snapshot from my manual, and highlighted the brackets that are not attached to the side wall of the inner ute body. I'm wondering if anyone knows either officially...
  4. dashdown98

    VS Ecotec Extractors - Manual and Auto??

    So I found someone selling a set of VS V6 extractors (Bottom left of pic) My question is, are the auto and manual ones the same? I've done a bit of research but can't make any sense of it. If I get these will they bolt up to the existing Y-pipe? Should I need anything else to get it...
  5. A

    Question: VF Sv6 wheel fitment

    Hi this is my first time posting, not sure whether or not this is the right section, anyway; I currently have an SV6 Ute with the stock 18" wheels pictured below. My question was whether or not i could fit some 19" SSV wheels (see picture) onto the car? Would there be any issues fitting these...
  6. camer0n

    Leaking Coolant - Corroded T Fitting

    I have looked through other posts and found similar issues with this fitting but none have quite had the severity of corrosion of the fitting in my VL This is the T fitting off the heater hose (two hoses run parallel with each other to the fitting). When I removed the hose trying to find the...
  7. djdomohudson

    Wiring electric aerial (VT sedan)

    The VT I bought had a snapped aerial. It was a manual aerial, so I went to AutObarn and bought an electric one for like $150. (surely ripped off? but oh well). Now I've done all the handy work, removed body parts and chucked the old broken one, fitted the new one and fed the wires through the...
  8. J

    Will It Fit?

    Polk MM 1040 10" sub in this enclosure.... i think it will but just get some opinions Polk Sub Specs: Cutout Diameter: 23.02cm Whole Diameter: 25.40cm Mounting depth: 11.43 cm all help appreciated cheers
  9. D

    VT cup holder upgrade fitting

    Hi, Just looking for more specifics on how to fit the cup holder (with lid) from vx into the vt dash to replace the original; exactly what needs to be cut? Photos would be greatly appreciated, as I didn't find the other...
  10. V

    Soft tonneau help!

    Just bought a new soft cover for my ve ute and attempted to fit it with no luck, front fitted pefectly on the aluminium front bar (placed on the furthest back rail on the bar) and sides fit through ALOT of struggle but the rear is at least an inch too short! tried stretching it with 3 of us with...