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  1. Fu Manchu

    Fix for VE VF Sunroof leak

    Posted today by one of my favourite youtubers, Peter Anderson. Just a great guy. I like the cut of his jib. Anyway, he had a leak in the VE and had to find what was turning it into an indoor swimming pool. Do yourself a favour and watch some of his other videos too. Some good old school...
  2. B

    Gear Stick Removal (HELP!)

    Hey guys so i wanted to replace my Gear stick knob for my Holden VU 2002 Ute But im not sure how, some people are saying just pull hard and it will just pop off but im not confinement about that so someone please tell me how!!! Thank you :)
  3. Bevan2000

    Vl Fuel pump problem

    Gday, i recently bought a vl commodore duel fuel, runs on gas fine but on petrol it doesn't run at all. ive checked the fuses and there all getting power ( front of the cars getting power) when i turn it to ignition i dont hear the fuel pump prime at all. i check the pump with a test light and...
  4. C

    Head unit repairs

    Hey all. Ive got a kenwood head unit, bought used, with 3 rca preouts. Ive found out the sub out doesnt work. Can this be fixed? can i DIY? or where can it be repaired in Adelaide? Are head unit repairs worth the cost, or just buy another one? The unit works perfect, apart from this one fault...
  5. N

    Rear seat clips, where to find?

    Hey all, so a while ago I was putting my rear seats back in my car and they wouldn't sit right, so genius me thought it'd be a good idea to plant my ass onto the seat to line it back in place. I ended up breaking one of the two plastic clip things that hold the seat to the chassis. I've decided...
  6. N

    VT Commodore horn switch not working

    So I've had a bit of a look around and I can't seem to fins a solution for this, so I'm just going to ask. Pressing on my steering wheel doesn't sound the horn. The horn used to work when you pressed in a certain spot, but that doesn't work anymore. I've tried removing the screws at the back...
  7. danbran

    help, dodgy vs ecotec idle

    it fails to drop back down to its usual idle, its a pain because it likes to sit between 2000rpm-1300rpm, sometimes it is normal but not often. with a massive rev up to nearly redline it will drop back down to normal idle speed but i dont like doing it. To me it sort of sounds like a leak...
  8. Jaz11

    Fixing Stone Chips

    Hi again. Just chasing some quick advice on best way to fix stone chips on my front bar and hood. Ive bought some colour matched paint from Autobarn and touched them up in the past and while it looks better than white chips on a red hood its still noticeable up close (and if you're OCD like...
  9. T

    quote to fix my 2002 vu??

    so my vu was backed into a pole, it has buckled my tub floor and left a big dint in the back, not to mention the tail gate is now thrown out so ill need another of them to. the dint is directly in the middle of the back. its been put as a repairable write off and i wanna know if its worth...
  10. S

    VX 2000 Wagon V6 Executive

    Hey guys, I have a list of problems with my car so lets get this going then shall we! 1. after planting it (doesn't matter under what condition) and taking it to redline (its auto) upon coming to idle the engine will start to feel like its gonna stall, like shaking and feels like its running...
  11. M

    VN Commodore Glovebox broken

    My glovebox locked shut and when I pulled it snapped. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I have taken some photos.
  12. C

    CHEAP mechanical needed... Or assistance

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right category to post my issue: I've been at the workshop and the mechanic there told me i have to fix the following things: - Front Brake Pads (76$ + 65$ lab.) - oil leak - Rocker Cover Gasket (49$ + 115$ lab.) - power steering leak, hose leak...
  13. A

    VR/VS Issues SEATBELT SLACK!!! HELP!!!!!

    Hey Everyone, Im VERY fresh on this fourm and i dont know if this has been answered before but could someone please tell me how they fixxed it! Okayyyy So lets get too it! i have a Holden VS Spac s2 (this doesnt really matter) and the drivers side seatbelt doesnt retract properly, Iv seen...
  14. M

    Boot rust!!

    Hey guys I unfortunately have the brown bug in my boot. The largest oval is actually a hole about 4cm across and has infected where the boot rubber actually sits. the rest appears to be just surface rust. I was wondering how much it would cost to get it cut and replaced/get the other small...
  15. Gilly91

    Replacing VS driveshaft centre bearing.

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to replace the bearing in the middle of the driveshaft on a VS commodore yourself? And if so, how? Thanks heaps.
  16. somefool

    Crack in stock headers...

    Hey guys i noticed a hairline crack running at the corner of cyl#5 header a few weeks back and thought nothing of it, as the crack was small. After installing a new oxy sensor last week the car ran like a dream again + the engine bay was so much cooler than it was when it was running the old...
  17. F

    VU Side mirror loose

    Hey all i've been seaching around for a while now but to no avail, the left mirror on my vu doesnt seem to have the impact spring attached (i realise its prob not called that), the previous owner has put a screw through the bottom of the housing to hold the mirror in place but i'd like to...
  18. S

    My VX Lumina!!

    Pretty basic atm but iv been slowly getttin it better! Bought for $6,200 with the dent, bad side skirts, few minor scratches and couple of bad gouges on the back panel. Before Front left hand quater panel Side skirts Car And then $300 later (Panel beated/ Cut, Polish and...
  19. M

    [VR-VS] How to fix speedo VS Commodore

    There have been many posts regarding Commodore speedos not working. Most of the advice tends to direct owners to either check their 'speed sensors', replace little internal cogs in their speedos or replace the cluster. Having bought a cheap secondhand VS I was faced with the problem of no...