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  1. M

    VS v6 On incline behaves as flooded. Errors 15,16,31

    Hi folks, new here, first post Only when on a slope with rear downward. Doesn't need much of a slope either, and pretty tough to start even with pedal to floor, and much black smoke and sputtering. 15. coolant temperature high voltage 16. ..."........".......... unstable...."... 31. Theft...
  2. BigBoss

    Should I be concerned?

    Hey Lads, Today when I jumped in my 08 Omega I went to start it, the starter motor engaged but the engine did not fire. So I gave it another shot and still it would not fire, the starter motor whined for three or so seconds but nothing after that. So I started checking things, the fuel pump...
  3. albert5268

    Flooded Landrover

    My cousin sent me this... she's serving in the Soloman Islands. She was in the back right-hand side (yes the flooded side) when it slipped off the road and into a massive rutt.