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  1. H

    Vs ss v8 trans oil

    I have removed and had my radiator repeared in my v8 vs ss, the entire radiator was drained, when i put the radiator back in is there anything special that i have to do for the trans oil? There is no obvious pump and the only trans fluid that was removed was out of the radiator. Also wondwring...
  2. BigBoss

    High flow intake on a v6?

    Hey all, What do you think of the "high flow" air intakes? Holden Commodore VE K&N High Flow Air Filter V6 V8 HSV | eBay
  3. V

    Air flow direction changer problem

    Hey all, I have a 2001 vx commodore and recently the nob that changes the direction of air flow (face, feet, front demister, etc.) has stopped working. :cry: It's stuck on the front demister... I've tried replacing the whole cluster but still no luck. Any ideas at what might be the...
  4. A


    just experimenting with the air intake on a vy commodore. would this setup work to my advantage? ive seen this on another car before. ive cut the bottom of the snorkel to let air in through the grill and into the air intake rather than trying to cram it all under the closed hood.