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  1. H

    Vs ss v8 trans oil

    I have removed and had my radiator repeared in my v8 vs ss, the entire radiator was drained, when i put the radiator back in is there anything special that i have to do for the trans oil? There is no obvious pump and the only trans fluid that was removed was out of the radiator. Also wondwring...
  2. B

    proper procedure autotrans fluid level check

    To Check Fluid level is to get car running up to temp (i think that's 10 mins idling or 25k of driving, not harsh driving but it happens to be im in hilly country so i cant do that can i?) remove dipstick and wipe shift the selector lever through all shift positions and then place lever at "P"...
  3. snuglez

    Gearbox shavings!

    Recently more often than not i have been having trouble with my 2nd gear popping out when i shift between 2000 - 2500 rpm from 1st . To minimize this happening i usually shift around 3000 rpm . The same thing happens if i shift from 3rd to 2nd with low rpms , so i rev match. As i said this...
  4. ChocolateCharlie

    Transmission line to radiator VX V6 leaking badly

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me get out of this, what started as a simple radiator swap has turned into a leaking mess. I changed the radiator and the bottom drivers side steel transmission hose is bleeding transmission fluid out when I start the engine. I didn't notice a washer when I...
  5. E

    Power steering fluid capacity?

    I'm trying to fix my steering shudder by completely draining and replacing my power steering fluid. Does anyone know the capacity of the power steering reservoir plus the piping?
  6. T

    VT losing cooling fluid

    Hi Team! A little while ago, I posted about my 1999 VT having issues with the cooling system and we resolved that it was tranny fluid in the system. I have since had the radiator replaced and the fluids topped up. But now I am facing a slightly less worrying issue of the fluid in the cooling...
  7. I

    Transmission Problem! :(

    g'day fellas, something weird has being happening to my transmission over the last week. Anyway bought this car 6 months back and had a transmission service done, car has been running fine since, done approx 8000 - 9000 kms. Last weekend i was sitting at the lights and saw smoke coming out of...
  8. Gilly91

    Losing Clutch Fluid

    Hi, I was struggling to change gears recently and I discovered the clutch fluid was empty so I filled it, tried to get as many air bubbles out of it without bleeding it, and then it drove normally. It was fine for a few weeks, then I drove it again and one day and it had gone from working...
  9. J

    leaking fluid

    I've just recently bought a VT S, and have noticed some fluid leaking from under the car. I don't know much at all about cars and I'm not going to pretend to. This is the first car I've owned, so hoping someone could help me out. The fluid seems to be odourless and pretty much just like water...
  10. S

    power steering creaking

    I have a VR SS and the steering is creaking when I turn the wheel I just had all bushes replaced and a 28pt inspection from pedders and they said it needed a good power steering service but was otherwise really good any help would be appreciated