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  1. B

    Foggy Windows, Smelly Vents, Holden are no help

    Hi Y'all, So I've had an on going issue where the vents in my car smell like bacteria and mould. I have found that the windows fog up very quickly when AC isn't running.. I have an MY10 Holden Calais V Holden have: - Checked for leaks - Checked plenum under windscreen and is clean and...
  2. soleit

    WH Statesman cornering globes

    I figured it's time to see why the cornering lights weren't working when I indicated at night. Very easy to diagnose. The plugs are all there but the bulbs aren't. Anyone know what wattage or bulb ID they are?
  3. Holden vz

    Wiring Problem Headlight Switch

    Hey Guys Ive recently put in fog light on my vz but it didn't have wiring so i got a wiring set of eBay everything is working but i wont to control the fog light of the ss headlight switch instead of the one provided with the wiring set i just want to know where to tap the switch wires into...
  4. Holden vz

    SS Headlight Switch Installation

    Hey guys just wondering how i remove the stock vz exec headlight switch, and wire up my fog lights witch have there own separate switch to the ss switch Cheers
  5. S

    Radiator leak problems, foggy windscreen etc.

    Hey people, Got this vt series 1 commodore last year, goin great. About January I was driving along, then overheating etc radiator bone dry. Filled it up with just water, drive for about 2 months just fillin with water EVERYTIME it overheated. It sounded like boiling noises in the overflow...
  6. Jimmy_d_jr

    VY series 1 Acclaim Foglights

    hi guys, so ive read and searched around but a few different things have came up ie i have heard the series ones came with the fog light looms so all i need is the fog switch, fuse, relay and foglights. wanting it to run from the factory switch but then other places i have read that only...
  7. BigBoss

    Fog Lights Loom?

    Hey Lads, I'm in the process of installing fog lights in to my Omega, I believe I have it all worked out except for the location of where the fog light wires connect to the relay (located in the fuse box). Can anyone help me find where this wiring loom is located? Cheers
  8. Ando2694

    What will i need for my fog light installation?

    Hey fellas, Recently bought a VX SS front bar and purchased some foggies for it off ebay. eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d My question is when the foglights get here on monday (hopefully), what will i need to install them? I know im going to need a relay and...
  9. scbh81

    HSV fog lights globe replacement

    hi guys, I am wondering if the fog light globes in the XU6 can be replaced or do i need to change the whole light? one of my lights have blown and i think the genuine ones are like $300. Cheers in advance
  10. StormVY

    [VY] Splice in LED light strips to your fog light wires.

    *Please note I did this on a VY Storm (aka SS bodykit) so the wiring and switch availability may not be there for everyone. Check here for some info on hooking up your lights without a fog switch, ie. to your parkers.* This is just a basic mod and will only apply to a minority who a) Have fog...
  11. Nemesis04

    Calling drivers with genuine Foggies

    I'm looking at getting some genuine fog/driving lights from Holden, and I'm wondering if anyone can give me a few pics of the view from the drivers seat? I need to make sure its worth the 300 or so bucks... haha Cheers.
  12. L

    VZ fog light switch

    I have installed fog lights onto my 06 Adventra however am unsure on how to change over the light switch to the new fog light one. Any ideas?