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  1. Lingsmith633

    Raven B171 VT CALAIS: Thoughts?

    I’ve put ss foggies in instead of the Calais ones as they were shagged, just wanted to know peoples thoughts?
  2. W

    E1 Clubsport lights?

    Hi guys does any one no where i could get after market lights or the proper ones for a e1 clubsport front bar got given a bar from a mate and cant seem to find much in the way of information on the first series of hsv's or do any other lights fit in the holes in the bar? Any help will be very...
  3. C

    Problem with vy foglight relay

    Hey guys, was trying to get fog lights to work and realised no relay:hmmm:, so went and bought one, only to realise the inside of where it is supposed to sit is missing i.e. where the prongs insert into crimped copper bits, any wisdom will be great, cheers
  4. Holden vz

    How to install foglights on a vz executive

    Hey guys Got a sv6 body kit on my car but no fog lights thinking of buying a pair off eBay but just want to know if anyone has done this before and what I would need to install them if someone could help me out on this it would be greatly appreciated
  5. A

    [VIC] Vy ss foglights (genuine) suit vx vy vz ss s-pac sv6 v8 v6

    ITEM: VY SS FOGLIGHTS (GENUINE) SUIT VX VY VZ SS S-PAC SV6 V8 V6 LOCATION: VIC Western Suburbs 3021 CONDITION: Used (Great Condition) PRICE: $200 ONO DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup or Postage about 13 bucks PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer, cash, paypal...
  6. G

    Daytime running lights

    Hi guys Question is this I've got a VT 11/97 s1 Low-BCM and i wonna hookup some DRL's And as its dont have the "foglight wiring loom" that they installed as a shortcut, wheres the best place to splice them I wont them on with the "Reds" on only There 12v SMD-leds i was thinking that maybe...
  7. pow3rslave

    [VIC] FS VP/VP Foggies with mounting brackets and bezels.

    ITEM: Original, Genuine Foglights, with section of wiring loom, brackets to bolt to reo bar and bezels for the bumper. LOCATION: Vic, eastern subs of melbourn CONDITION: Used, great condition, no cracks etc. PRICE: $300 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up only. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD...
  8. D

    Installing VY S Foglights

    hey all i have a vy s with the holes in the bumper for the ss foglights but it just has the plastic "blanks" at the moment... i was wondering what you would need other than the foglights, a relay and a new switch to install them and how hard this would be??
  9. boordy_23

    VY 2003 Berlina

    Thought i would post a thread with the progress of my Berlina. Engine: 3.8L ecotec Colour: Quicksilver Model: 03 Berlina (i assume it is a series 1) So far i have done the following, -Fitted SL KINGs in the front and rear -Fitted and mounted a Series 2 Calais front mesh with foglight bezels...